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My darling little two-year old girl looked over at me this morning as I was pouring my steaming cup of coffee and managed to notify me, between grunts, that she had poop in her diaper. I quickly grabbed her (having registered that she was still making BM noises as she said this) and plunked her on the toilet. She, in fact, did NOT have poop in her diaper…yet. Much to her protesting I get her a little toy and left her to do her business. I know that it’s time for her to be potty trained. Not because she tells me every time she needs to go but because there have been a few times now where she has taken it upon herself to change her own bum. I walked by her room yesterday expecting to see a napping girl and instead I saw a naked girl lying on the floor attempting to wipe herself. It’s quite funny when you think about it, and when it’s not number 2, but it’s still bad. If she is aware enough to do that then she’s definitely aware enough to just do it on the toilet! Anyways, I had left her for a few minutes thinking that this time would be no different then all the others. I yelled around the corner that she needed to do it on the potty and not in her diaper (this is a really good parenting strategy by-the-way, just yell somewhat random facts at your kids from across the house and pretend that they hear and understand you. works every time.) only to get the reply, “Yes I am do poop on the potty Mom!” Success my friends, success! She did her business on the potty! It can be done! I’ve heard that girls are way easier to potty train than boys and I am seriously hoping this is the case. Really. Hoping. A lot. I’m sick and tired of buying diapers when that money could be going to something way more useful…like beer and popcorn. 🙂IMG_7812



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