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Snapshots of a Cottage Life – Part Three

I started to feel anxious and a bit cranky yesterday afternoon. At first I thought that it was because I’d stayed-up much too late the night before visiting with some friends, but as I puttered around the cottage getting our things all packed-up I realized that it was because I wasn’t ready for our vacation to come to an end. I wasn’t quite ready to come back to the realities of our messy home, of the side-jobs, of the business of getting everything ready and sorted for a new school year and then a new baby. I wanted more time to rest and relax and breathe.

Victoria Beach was good to us. I needed time to let-go and enjoy life. James needed time to just not be needed. We both needed time to sit and cuddle and smile at each other. The kids needed time to just run a muck and be kids. We all needed time to step-back from our chaotic year and be reminded of all the reasons why we love each other. We needed time as a family to unwind and just slow-down.

James and I always said that we would never own a cottage, we’re more of the camping folk. Well, the more time we spend up at Victoria Beach and Bird River the more I see the benefit of having that accessible retreat. I understand why people are drawn to that way of life. I think that, on many levels, it’s what I’ve been missing this past year. I haven’t taken time to retreat from the constant onslaught of what life has thrown at us. This past week has been a bit of a wake-up call for me, I need to take that time to have a re-charge. Having lazy mornings by the fire, going for bike rides to the bakery, playing in the sand at the beach, letting the kids stay up too late splashing in the water as the sun comes down…it was all. so. good.

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