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Saturday Mornings.

One of my favorite times during the week is Saturday mornings. Not because I get to stay in my cozy jammie-jams and curl-up in my nice warm bed (although that does sound lovely) but because I wake-up bright and early, grab the kids and their gear (and a timmies) and take them to soccer. I LOVED soccer when I was a kid. I played in Charleswood and was so disappointed when my parents stopped signing me up…but now I get to enjoy it from a whole different perspective! Amelia has soccer at 9 and Rhys has soccer at 10 so I sit for two hours and watch my kids learn how to pass, kick, head-bump and dribble. I can’t explain how much I love sitting on the bench and seeing them do something they love, and seeing them excel at it too! Soccer is such a great sport for kids to play, it’s physically demanding and helps kids learn how to work as a team and respect a coach.

Rhys started playing with Phoenix Soccer Club just over a year ago. It’s not your average ‘let the kids kick a ball around for an hour and go nuts’ type of class, although there’s nothing wrong with that. Phoenix is part of the WYSA and employs a very talented staff year-round who’s goals are to pump-out the best soccer players in Canada. I originally signed him up because the classes were cheap and close-by, but I’ve kept him on (even after we moved across the city) because James and I are so thoroughly impressed with the level of play they are able to achieve at such a young age. The coaches make if fun, inventing age-appropriate games while still focusing on drills and skills.

Rhys knows what he likes and what his strengths are; he wants to learn french and he wants to play soccer. So we’ve put him in an amazing French Immersion school and an amazing soccer club that he can play with all the way through until he graduates (if he so chooses). Amelia couldn’t take sitting on the sidelines watching her brother have fun without her so we signed her up for the Mini-Kickers program. She came to the store and picked-out all of her soccer gear and now, between soccer and pre-school, life is looking-up for my little girl.  

Sitting there on the bench for those two hours are good for me and my kids. I’m forced to sit and take a break from the stresses of the day-to-day. I can’t get-up and leave to get things done. I can’t do laundry or dishes or paperwork. My kids see me there, watching them and cheering them on. I’m their little fan-club for those two hours and I think that it’s important for them to see that. They know that I’m focused on them and not on a million other things, and that’s good.

I would never have guessed that I’d be such a proud soccer mom.


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A Little Bit of Life.

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{soccer kids part 1}

{soccer kids part 2}



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