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Today’s learning activity is brought to you by the letter M!

Thanks to a morning trip to Toad Hall Toys with their Grandpa, my kids spent the afternoon learning all about, you guessed it, magnets!

The kit came with a number of different science experiments to try out. With it you make little cars and boats and a fishing line (just to name a few) to learn about magnetic forces acting at a distance, the poles and how they attract and repel, and how magnetic materials can become temporary magnets. Pretty cool stuff!

My favourite experiment was the magnetic sculpture (surprise surprise) in which we took one of the ‘super magnets’, used the metal screw nuts and built works of art!

All-in-all there were 10 experiments that were listed, each more fun than the last…and that doesn’t even include all of the free-play that will be had with this kit. Rhys is currently working on building the Eiffel Tower.

Who knew magnets could be so much fun?


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She Sells Seashells.

Today’s learning activity is brought to you by the letter S!

Are your kids bored with summer already? Rhys told me yesterday that he wanted school to start today. Oi! We’ve got another month and a half to go! I have the kids doing some reading (we’ve been visiting our library quite a bit), book reports, art journals and Rhys is working on a grade 2 math book, but they still have days where they lose their interest and start to go stir crazy.

 The kids decided they wanted to explore sea shells today. It’s amazing how kids can be enthralled with simple nature items if you pair them with a little bit of guided learning. Rhys and Amelia thoroughly enjoyed exploring each and every shell (as well as some rocks, feathers and a couple pine cones).  I let them take some time just turning them around in their hands before I sat down and had them  look at the shells in different ways.

What colours do you see?

What shapes can you find?

What are the different ways we can sort them? Big, small, similar, broken, shiny, smooth?

What do they feel like in your hands?

Which one is your favourite?

When they became slightly bored with just looking at them I brought out some paper and got them to trace and draw some of their favourites.

Afterwards, we ended with a game of ‘Where’s That Rock?’ in which we lined-up 4, 5 and then 6 seashells and hid a little pebble underneath one of them. The kids took turns changing the location of the rock and order of the shells to try to stump one another. As it turns out, Amelia was surprisingly really good at getting it right on her first guess (which irritated Rhys like no other)!

The seashells held the kids attention for quite some time, enough time for me to start thinking about what else I can dig-up around the house or yard that they can learn about and explore.

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