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Everyday I try to scroll through the Free Press online and look through the headlining news articles of the day. I do it to keep up with whats going on in Winnipeg and around the world but a part of me wants something else to think about other than dirty bums and Rhys wondering where his favorite toys are (which, by the way, are usually in Amelia’s mouth). I must admit it is, more often than not, disheartening to read the news. The other day was no exception. I read that a man in Texas put his 2 month old daughter in the microwave. He tried to plead insanity but it turns out he knowingly put her in because he was pissed about being in a bad marriage. Sick.

I’m reminded of the two native girls (I think they were 1 and 3 years) that were led outside by their drunk father. They were wearing only light t-shirts and both froze to death. Sick. After hearing about this incident I thought of them often on the very colds nights of our winter. The wind would be howling, the snow blowing, people rushing from their cars to their homes spending as little time outside as possible…chilled to the bone. On these nights my mind would picture them outside wondering where their parents went. I would walk into Rhys’ room and look at him. I would pick up his blankets and tuck him in nice and snug. I would put his teddy right by his head and make sure his blankie was within reach. Then I would walk upstairs and look at Amelia. I would do the same with her…not wanting her to even be aware of the arctic conditions outside. I made sure not a single chill could get to her. And then I would wish that someone could still do that for these two girls, that I could do that for them. People shouldn’t die like that. Children least of all. Sick.

The little 2 month old girl lived through the microwave incident. She was only in for 20 seconds but she was burnt and had to have part of her ear removed. I’m sure there will be other complications. It bothers me that those kinds of people have children. It shouldn’t be allowed. It bothers me that now a little girl has to grow up being ‘the girl who was put in the microwave’. My heart sinks when I hear about these kinds of things happening to children around the world. All I can say is…sick.


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i’d be creative…

I was watching Office Space (one of the best movies ever) last night. It’s a movie I pop-in every few months to remind myself never ever ever ever ever work an office job again. My experience at Great Waste of Life (more commonly known as ‘Great West Life’) was freakishly similar. Anyways, I got to the part where he was talking about the question ‘if you had a million dollars, what would you do?’ I actually stopped and asked myself the same question. My answer was simple and didn’t surprise me. I would be creative all day, every day.

I don’t know what it is about my family but we are all artists. I’m sure it seeps down from my Grandma and Grandpa Cattani…the most wonderfully creative people I’ve known. However, my sister, my brother and myself are artists in so many areas and each in different ways. Growing up I was in art classes, theater, choir, English and was an active poet for our school poetry zine ‘Semi-fluid’. What hit me the other day was that I don’t have the same opportunities anymore and it’s easy to let all of that creativity slip away. There are times when I have so many ideas floating around in my crazy head but I have neither the time, energy or resources to see them flourish. It is frustrating.

A few weeks ago I started sketching again. It felt so good to finally sit down and express myself through some artwork. Since then I’ve been trying to become more intentional in taking time for myself to be creative. On days where I’ve worked on a sketch, made cards, painted, or worked on various other projects that I have on the go I know that I’m happier and vibrant. When you’re a busy mom it’s easy to forget who you are and what you loved doing before kids. When I take time for myself to do the things that I love I know that I’m a better mom, wife and person. With that all said, I’ve decided to continue my blog in hopes that it can be another outlet of creativity. Enjoy.

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