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Fairy Houses.

New post on my Everything Nice page! Enjoy!


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Get Low.

I just watched this trailer on a friends blog and had to share it with all y’all. Bill Murray is one of my favorite actors and I’m sure he won’t disappoint in this one! Can’t wait to see it.

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Thoughts on Twilight.

First of all I need to mention that I haven’t seen the Twilight movies or read the books. I have no intention of doing either of them but I know that tons of people have been swept-up into this new, seemingly innocent, ‘vampire’ culture. It’s bizarre. Twilight has even infiltrated the craft blogs that I read; you can have a Twilight Party and serve Vampire Cupcakes while drinking your Cullen Drink while working on your Edward Silhouette needle-point pillow. Get real.

What I do like is Mark Driscoll. Truth mixed with humor is always a good thing. In this short clip Mark addresses this whole Twilight phenomenon. Have a listen and leave a comment, agree or disagree? Some people say that because it’s fiction (because Vampires are obviously fiction) it’s okay. What about Narnia and LOTR? They have witches, wizards and a necromancer…so what’s the difference? I have my thoughts but I’d love to hear yours.


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i ♥ ms. frizzle

For those moms out there who are like me and use DVD’s and the internet to find quality programing for your children as an alternative to Treehouse, I’ve come across a goldmine of ‘The Magic School Bus’ video’s. It was a children’s TV show about science that ran for a few years back in the 90’s. I watched it religiously growing up and now I’ve got Rhys hooked. Head on over to this website and take a look!


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Tale as old as time.

Look! I painted again! Actually it’s not paint…it’s ink, but who cares. I haven’t been artsy at all since I posted my work on my blog back in January and February. I printed out some pictures for the kids to colour yesterday and decided that it was time I flex my creative muscle yet again. I suppose ‘flex my creative muscle’ would be the wrong term for this considering it’s just a copy, but what a beautiful copy it is! I love stained glass and have always wanted to learn how to do it but for lack of time and money I’ve never had the chance. I make up for it by painting pictures to look like stained glass (odd, I know). I’ve often admired the stained glass work in one of my favorite movies, Beauty and The Beast, and found myself wanting to reproduce some of it. Well, I decided it was time. I’m planning on doing a few more pieces from the movie and possibly framing them as a set for Amelia’s room since she’s equally as taken with the beloved Disney movie as I am. I happy with how it turned out and even happier that I took some time to do something I love instead of folding more clothes and washing another pile of dishes.


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Rhys: Mom, I think that when I have kids I’m gonna take them to see Apatar.

Bria: What do you mean?

Rhys: You know, the movie with the blue guys.

Bria: Oh. But Avatar isn’t a kids movie. It’s a bit scary.

Rhys: Yeah, I know. I mean, when they grow-up.

Bria: So when you have kids and your kids are all grown-up, then you’ll take them to see the movie Avatar?

Rhys: Yeah…but I don’t know the way to the movie theater.


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I can’t remember why but last night I started singing, ‘Lambert the sheepish lion…Laaaambert he’s always tryin’..’ to James. He quickly contorted his face and slid a little further away from me. I’m sure I do at least one thing a day that makes him stop in his tracks and seriously wonder why he married such an odd cookie, but I just keep on going. It turns out James had never seen the Lambert cartoon when he was a kid. I jumped on Youtube and found the long-lost Disney cartoon. And here it is for your viewing pleasure:


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