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Yesterday James and I decided to take the day to do some fun things with the kids. We called this F-Day because it was a ‘Family Fun Day’ and it just so happened to fall on a Friday (it’s also somewhat of a joke from when James worked at Prov…but that is a story that he should tell). We started out by taking the kids to their annual doctor’s appointment. It went really well but apparently I have monsters for children, either that or bean stalks. Rhys is in the 90th percentile for height and Amelia is in the 105th. I just can’t get away from 6 foot freaks 🙂 Just kidding.  After seeing the pediatrician we made a few random stops and then surprised the kids with a trip to the Aviation Museum. They were both really excited to get to see airplanes so up close. I thought that it would just be Rhys shreeking with excitement, but Amelia was right along side of him running from airplane to airplane pointing out all of the cool things. It was a good day to go since the museum puts on a Hallowe’en bash every year so all of their decorations were up. They had random bloody arms and hanging pirates everywhere! Good wholesome fun. Both James and I like airplanes (although he knows way more about them then I do) so it was a neat thing to share with the kids.

 After seeing all of the planes we went to Tim Horton’s and got them a big box of Tim Bits, which was equally exciting to them. It’s sick how many dough balls those kids can pack back. After spending a few hours at home in the afternoon we went out again to make a few more stops; getting James a jacket, buying Hallowe’en candy, getting Rhys a costume, buying the kids a Christmas gift (secretly). We finished off by going to Pizza Hut for dinner. This was a total mistake this time. Although, when is it ever right to go to Pizza Hut? It took FOREVER to get our food and by the end of our time there the waiter looked as though he was having a mental breakdown. unfortunately I’m not joking about this. Upon leaving the restaurant we noticed him leaning against the back of the building with his face pressed up against the brick. We had a good chuckle about this and then wondered if we should go ask him if he was actually okay. We didn’t, thinking that it might make it worse.

All-in-all F-Day was a success, something that we’ll definitely do again. I think that it’s important for the kids too see James take a day off just to spend time with them and for all of us to have some quality time doing something out of the ordinary. I’d love to hear any ideas or memories that you guys have with spending time with your families, or something that you do right now with them. I could use some ideas for next time!



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