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I was struck a few days ago by the speed at which this pregnancy is progressing. Not that it’s actually going any fast than any of my other ones, or anyone else’s for that matter, but I suppose that lately my days and weeks are zipping by at an alarming rate.

In the beginning it seemed to be dragging on. I’m sure that having my head stuck in the toilet, dealing with extreme fatigue and battling hormone headaches all added to the snail crawl that each day ended-up being. When people would ask where I was at they’d exclaim, “Wow, that’s just flying by” to which I’d usually reply, “For you!”

But summer has proven to be somewhat hectic and busy and, in gearing-up for the up-and-coming school year, time has gotten away on me. I’m now into the fortnightly midwife appointments which, when my she told me she’d see me in two weeks time I just about lost it. To me it always feels like seeing your care provider every other week is serious business; closer monitoring of size and heartbeat, talking about expectations of labor, feeling for the position of the baby to see if they’re breech or head-down. All of it starts to pick-up as you and your midwife/OB anticipate the delivery.

I was looking at the calendar recently (planning out the next few months) when I realized that I only have 8 more weeks until our baby is considered ‘full term’. Even though that’s a few weeks before my due date, baby can come any time after that. 8 WEEKS!! Sheesh. I knew I was getting close with how much I’m waddling these days, but that took me by surprise. There is still so much to do and get, it’s hard to not start hyperventilating when I look at my fall calendar and then look at my list of things that need to be done.

With that said, James and I were all nestled-up on the couch last night and even with all of the gun-shooting, car-chasing, fist-swinging action of the Jason Statham movie we were watching I couldn’t help but let my mind wander to how close we are holding and cuddling our little Perogy. I can’t wait to put a cozy sleeper on him/her and have the five of us settle in for a popcorn movie night or tuck him/her into a carrier and make my daily (3 times a day!) walks to the bus stop to get the kids from school, or finally finding out if it’s a him or her!

Time flies by at light-speed when kids are in school, so I’m anticipating that Perogy will be here in the blink of an eye…which makes me think that I better get off the computer and start working on my list!


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I feel a little bit lost.

I’ve started to have really strong nesting urges but can’t seem to do much about it. Our house is still in shambles (slowly being pieced back together), which makes it difficult to organize and clean properly. Actually, if I stop and think about it, it’s overwhelming. The kids are still sharing their old room, but the beds aren’t put together because I can’t for the life of me find the hardware, so they’re on a mattress and the floor. Our furniture is still all over the house, not really in the places it should be. The basement is stacked sky-high in the corners with boxes and bins that need to be sorted. Our storage room needs some things taken out of it so that I can pack some bins into it.

So the progression of cleaning, a list that I’ve made-up in my head, goes something like this:

Move items out of storage room and to the dump pile in our backyard or thrift store. Move packed bins into the storage room making room in the living area of the basement. Move-out/sort all of the junk in our office (Rhys’ new room)…this is a big job. Paint wall in room. Move bed (get new hardware) into basement room along with a few bookshelves and desk, making space in the dining room, basement and Amelia’s room. Set-up bed in Amelia’s room now that there is space (and hardware) to do so. Decorate Amelia’s and Rhys’ room’s as promised. Set-up living room now that there is space. Get rid of extra coffee table which is taking-up way too much space in dining room. Set-up dining room. THEN, after all of that, bring-up crib and work on the nursery.

That still doesn’t take care of the disaster that is the main part of the basement, but I’ll have to putter at that for the next few months.

I’ve been able to purchase/borrow a number of items that we’ll need for the baby for the first little while; sleepers, onesies, slippers, crib sheets. It’s the only nesting that I’ve been able to do. I’m happy about having a few things ready to go, but I’m still feeling rather lost. What if the baby comes early? What if I don’t have the energy to do these things in two months time? I’m frustrated that I have to wait for James to move things around for me, that I can’t just do it myself. I’ve tried and I can tell by the braxton hicks that I start getting halfway through moving furniture and heavy boxes around that I shouldn’t.

Ugh, patience Bria, patience. The baby doesn’t care if it’s sleeping in a basket for the first 3 months and that the nursery hasn’t been pieced together…

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One of my favourite times in church is when we sing the Doxology. It’s beautiful. We sang it at our wedding.

I’ve spent the morning listening to a new-to-me band called Gungor. I’m blown-away by their passion and musicality. I stumbled upon the lead singers acoustic version of the Doxology and it’s awesome. Have a listen. I may just have to take-up classical guitar again.

After you’re done that, you should listen to this one. If you don’t feel like listening to the whole thing, skip ahead to the 4:00 mark. Amazing.

(For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Doxology, the words to it are, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.” You can listen to a more traditional singing of it here.)


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Snapshots of a Cottage Life – Part Three

I started to feel anxious and a bit cranky yesterday afternoon. At first I thought that it was because I’d stayed-up much too late the night before visiting with some friends, but as I puttered around the cottage getting our things all packed-up I realized that it was because I wasn’t ready for our vacation to come to an end. I wasn’t quite ready to come back to the realities of our messy home, of the side-jobs, of the business of getting everything ready and sorted for a new school year and then a new baby. I wanted more time to rest and relax and breathe.

Victoria Beach was good to us. I needed time to let-go and enjoy life. James needed time to just not be needed. We both needed time to sit and cuddle and smile at each other. The kids needed time to just run a muck and be kids. We all needed time to step-back from our chaotic year and be reminded of all the reasons why we love each other. We needed time as a family to unwind and just slow-down.

James and I always said that we would never own a cottage, we’re more of the camping folk. Well, the more time we spend up at Victoria Beach and Bird River the more I see the benefit of having that accessible retreat. I understand why people are drawn to that way of life. I think that, on many levels, it’s what I’ve been missing this past year. I haven’t taken time to retreat from the constant onslaught of what life has thrown at us. This past week has been a bit of a wake-up call for me, I need to take that time to have a re-charge. Having lazy mornings by the fire, going for bike rides to the bakery, playing in the sand at the beach, letting the kids stay up too late splashing in the water as the sun comes down…it was all. so. good.

(Snapshots of a Cottage Life: Part OnePart Two)


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I was pretty nervous yesterday. I woke-up early to start the rush of getting myself and the kids ready to be out the door first thing in the morning. James and I had the fetal assessment appointment with the genetics doctor and a high risk doctor bright and early and Rhys is in Art Camp this week. The kids were picked-up by my mom and we headed over to HSC to find-out what, if anything, was going on with our little baby.

I figured we’d hear one of three outcomes; good news, inconclusive news or bad news. I was anxious thinking about all of them. The genetics doctor was welcoming and kind. James and I both got the impression that he wasn’t concerned at all about the findings of the ultrasound. My chances for having a child born with Down Syndrome (based on age) were 1:1050 but with the findings of our first ultrasound that number was halved to 1:525 for this baby. He didn’t push us to get an amnio, I was apparently booked for one but we declined it, and seemed to agree that we would just wait and see what came-up in the fetal assessment and then we’d go from there.

Afterwards James and I took our papers and made the long walk from one end of the hospital, through the tunnels and all the way to the other to have the ultrasound. Again, our technician was welcoming and kind, and quite funny. She spent awhile looking at the heart and the feet (and all of the other areas she had to cover) then called the high risk doctor in to take a look as well. Both of them weren’t worried at all. The heart still has a few ecogenic focus (white spots) but they aren’t as bright as they were before. The right ventricular tract seems to have corrected itself or they just got a clearer picture this time. The right foot appears slightly off axis, but it’s so slight that neither of them could say either way and it’s something we’ll have to wait until birth to see. The foot was the least of our concerns since it can be easily corrected with casts and surgery. We were praying for a healthy heart and no genetic disorders and it seems those prayers have been answered! Praise God. The genetics doctor will still review the report, but at this point I’d be surprised to hear news other than ‘baby looks healthy’.

This was one of the first images that popped-up on the screen. I immediately looked at James and exclaimed that this baby has Rhys’ exact profile, he agreed. We couldn’t get over how much little perogy already looks like a sibling. Once we got Rhys from his class I handed him the picture and asked who he thought the baby looked like, to which he replied, “Me! That means it’s a boy! Can we name it Rhys?” He was happy about this, although I explained that it doesn’t mean that it’s a boy just because the baby looks like him.

Thank you all for your prayers and support over the past few weeks. I will make-sure to keep you all posted, especially if something else arises from the ultrasound findings. I’m now praying that the only thing we hear from those doctors is ‘healthy baby’ and that I can stay in the care of my midwife, have a natural labour/delivery and be able to birth and the birthing centre.

While we were at the beach last Friday the kids and I collected some feathers that were floating around the area. I thought that we’d put these to use (so they didn’t just float around my house) and so some feather painting! We pulled-out our supplies yesterday afternoon to see how we could paint with feathers. The kids really enjoyed painting with something other than a standard brush, I highly recommend this artsy craft for any children who love to paint.

After our painting adventure I was feeling motivated to organize so I scavenged the basement and brought up what little baby supplies I had held onto and a bunch of Amelia’s clothes to sort into the newly finished closet cabinets that James put into the kids room. There are three of these units in a row. Each has a two doors, a top shelf, a closet rod, one small drawer and two larger drawers. I LOVE them! We are going from an itty bitty impossible to organize closet to loads of proper storage. Amelia has two of the three cabinets for the time being, but I’ve purchased under-the-bed storage for each child so hopefully her vast wardrobe won’t overpower the baby’s space. I also needed to take stock of what baby stuff I still had since my mom and I are taking our annual girls trip to the States soon (can’t wait!) and I plan on purchasing a bunch of odds and ends while I’m down there.

Rhys and Ammie helped me unpack all of the baby clothes, which they were both so thrilled to be included in. Ammie did the standard, “Awwwww, that’s soooooo C-UUUUTE!” for each thing she pulled-out. After the first few items they really REALLY got excited for the baby and started talking all about how they are going to help-out and how they’re going to cuddle it and read to it and make it giggle and laugh.

I have to say, yesterday was a pretty good day. We got some great news and a huge answer to lots of prayer, watched some olympics, did a craft and listened to The Beach Boys while getting excited about the baby.

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