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And Then She Was 6

I’m sitting here trying to think of something fun or quirky to write about Amelia and the fact that she seems to be growing up at lightening speed, but I’m at a loss. I just can’t believe that it’s been six years since we had her. Having Amelia (as with having all my children) was such a huge turning point in my life. I know that I’ve talked about it before, but the circumstances surrounding Amelia and her birth seemed to be a bit of a soul saver for me. I felt, and still feel, as though God used all of that to speak to my hurting heart. I look back on her infancy with fondness and part of me misses those precious months of blessing and renewal. I also miss my quirky little toddler in all of her spunk and sparkles. But it’s also fun to see the girl she’s turning into. I love that she goes to the beat of her own drum, not caring about what other people are doing or wearing. She’s a superb friend and is (almost) always willing to lend a helping hand. Her heart seems to be constantly exploding with love for everyone around her.

I’m constantly astounded over how quickly Amelia is growing up and how big she’s gotten (seriously, she’s wearing size 8!). Although the early years are hard and tiring, I feel so lucky to have had a little girl like Amelia. She’s truly a special spark in our household. Our family is made better with her in our lives. So here’s to Amelia Kate!

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Happy Birthday Ammie!


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Summer Surprise

I’m always relieved and anxious when the school year comes to an end. On one hand, no more schedules and alarms! On the other hand, I have to figure out how to keep three kids entertained and occupied so they don’t go stir-crazy and kill each other (or make their mother go postal)! Normally I have to pour over my calendar and compare James work shifts and his side jobs so that I know when I can have the truck. Then I have to research outings and events and budgets. On top of that we are throwing in a baby’s schedule this year. I was feeling pretty stressed two weeks ago because all of the camps that I wanted to put the kids into conflicted with when I wouldn’t be able to have access to our vehicle and taking the bus with two kids and a baby is quite difficult (and not all that cheap).

Lo and behold, my stellar husband surprised me with purchasing me my very. own. CAR!!! The next day I went and registered the kids for all of the camps I had been wanting to put them in. I was hoping to get a car next year, so this came as a total shock to me. Apparently he’d been quietly saving for this for a little while now. What a guy.

 It honestly feels like my whole world has opened up!

Now summer doesn’t look so daunting to me.


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