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Before and After ~ Part 1

I guess this isn’t a true before and after, more of a during and after. But here it is, none-the-less.

This is our upstairs. We re-painted, ripped-out the worlds worst carpet, put in a new sub-floor, moved the two vents (since they were in the middle of the room) and put in another plug. Then the carpet and mill work went in. This isn’t including all of the work James did in the walk-in closet (which will be a different post).

I only snapped a picture of the corner because there are still some tools and materials on the other side of the room, but this shows a bit of all of the work that was done. We decided to go back to light walls (we had darker grey before) and put in a dark brown carpet.

We love it. If we had gone with a light coloured carpet the room would look too bland, but the floor makes the walls ‘pop’ and with some colourful accents and some pictures or artwork up it’ll work really well.

Stay tuned for the walk-in closet post!



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The State of Things.

When I say that our house is a mess right now, I don’t mean that there are just boxes to unpack and put away, I mean that it’s a chaotic  vortex of a renovating/moving disaster.

Here is the state of things:

That’s what we are living out of right now. We have the couch to sit on, one spot at the dinning room table (which you can’t see from the angle of the picture), a pathway to our main bathroom, a path in the kitchen, room enough for ONE kids mattress on the basement floor and wiggle room to sleep on the couch in the basement. It looks overwhelming, but the funny thing is that I’m totally fine with it. I’m not stressed about our living situation at all, not one bit.

Last night, right before I fell asleep, I turned-off ALL of my alarms. You see, since living in the apartment I’ve been governed by alarms and schedules. It’s one feature that I love about my iPhone; the timer and alarm. I had a 6:15am, 7:54am, 11:46am, 3:01pm and a 9:55pm alarm going almost every day. I also used my timer when doing laundry since it was a shared facility and I didn’t want my laundering taking more time than was appropriate. When I flicked-off all of my alarms and realized that I have two months of hardly any schedules and responsibilities I felt free. I don’t have to have this house put back together by a certain time and date, I don’t have to stress about getting all of the boxes unpack by the end of this week because I have two months to set my own pace. Obviously James and I aren’t planning on living in little corners of the house for longer than need be, but it’s nice to know that we can take our time. The kids have the yard to play in while I putter away all summer.

The upstairs, stair-well and Amelia’s bedroom are all under renovations right now and full of tools and building materials. Our new carpet comes on Wednesday. James will install baseboard as soon as the carpet is in and then we will be able to move into those two rooms. He’s also finishing our gorgeous walk-in closet in the master bedroom (sooooo excited about it!). Once we are able to move into those two bedrooms a lot of the furniture and boxes will be able to be put away and unpacked, which will make room in our dining room and living room.

So that’s the state of things. I’ve taken a few pictures so I’ll be sure to post some before and after pictures soon!

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