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I was pretty nervous yesterday. I woke-up early to start the rush of getting myself and the kids ready to be out the door first thing in the morning. James and I had the fetal assessment appointment with the genetics doctor and a high risk doctor bright and early and Rhys is in Art Camp this week. The kids were picked-up by my mom and we headed over to HSC to find-out what, if anything, was going on with our little baby.

I figured we’d hear one of three outcomes; good news, inconclusive news or bad news. I was anxious thinking about all of them. The genetics doctor was welcoming and kind. James and I both got the impression that he wasn’t concerned at all about the findings of the ultrasound. My chances for having a child born with Down Syndrome (based on age) were 1:1050 but with the findings of our first ultrasound that number was halved to 1:525 for this baby. He didn’t push us to get an amnio, I was apparently booked for one but we declined it, and seemed to agree that we would just wait and see what came-up in the fetal assessment and then we’d go from there.

Afterwards James and I took our papers and made the long walk from one end of the hospital, through the tunnels and all the way to the other to have the ultrasound. Again, our technician was welcoming and kind, and quite funny. She spent awhile looking at the heart and the feet (and all of the other areas she had to cover) then called the high risk doctor in to take a look as well. Both of them weren’t worried at all. The heart still has a few ecogenic focus (white spots) but they aren’t as bright as they were before. The right ventricular tract seems to have corrected itself or they just got a clearer picture this time. The right foot appears slightly off axis, but it’s so slight that neither of them could say either way and it’s something we’ll have to wait until birth to see. The foot was the least of our concerns since it can be easily corrected with casts and surgery. We were praying for a healthy heart and no genetic disorders and it seems those prayers have been answered! Praise God. The genetics doctor will still review the report, but at this point I’d be surprised to hear news other than ‘baby looks healthy’.

This was one of the first images that popped-up on the screen. I immediately looked at James and exclaimed that this baby has Rhys’ exact profile, he agreed. We couldn’t get over how much little perogy already looks like a sibling. Once we got Rhys from his class I handed him the picture and asked who he thought the baby looked like, to which he replied, “Me! That means it’s a boy! Can we name it Rhys?” He was happy about this, although I explained that it doesn’t mean that it’s a boy just because the baby looks like him.

Thank you all for your prayers and support over the past few weeks. I will make-sure to keep you all posted, especially if something else arises from the ultrasound findings. I’m now praying that the only thing we hear from those doctors is ‘healthy baby’ and that I can stay in the care of my midwife, have a natural labour/delivery and be able to birth and the birthing centre.

While we were at the beach last Friday the kids and I collected some feathers that were floating around the area. I thought that we’d put these to use (so they didn’t just float around my house) and so some feather painting! We pulled-out our supplies yesterday afternoon to see how we could paint with feathers. The kids really enjoyed painting with something other than a standard brush, I highly recommend this artsy craft for any children who love to paint.

After our painting adventure I was feeling motivated to organize so I scavenged the basement and brought up what little baby supplies I had held onto and a bunch of Amelia’s clothes to sort into the newly finished closet cabinets that James put into the kids room. There are three of these units in a row. Each has a two doors, a top shelf, a closet rod, one small drawer and two larger drawers. I LOVE them! We are going from an itty bitty impossible to organize closet to loads of proper storage. Amelia has two of the three cabinets for the time being, but I’ve purchased under-the-bed storage for each child so hopefully her vast wardrobe won’t overpower the baby’s space. I also needed to take stock of what baby stuff I still had since my mom and I are taking our annual girls trip to the States soon (can’t wait!) and I plan on purchasing a bunch of odds and ends while I’m down there.

Rhys and Ammie helped me unpack all of the baby clothes, which they were both so thrilled to be included in. Ammie did the standard, “Awwwww, that’s soooooo C-UUUUTE!” for each thing she pulled-out. After the first few items they really REALLY got excited for the baby and started talking all about how they are going to help-out and how they’re going to cuddle it and read to it and make it giggle and laugh.

I have to say, yesterday was a pretty good day. We got some great news and a huge answer to lots of prayer, watched some olympics, did a craft and listened to The Beach Boys while getting excited about the baby.


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Disturbing Colouring Book.

My mom gave Rhys a colouring/craft book the other day. The book is called Make Your Own Roman Arena and can be bought at Dollarama. At first glance it looked pretty cool. I mean, what boy wouldn’t want to build his own Roman arena and colour some gladiators to cut out and play with?

After Rhys had been meticulously colouring the book for a few hours I happened to walk past while he was taking a break. The book was left open and this is what I saw:

Upon further inspection I found this:

And then this:


Have I taken the book away? Heck no!

It’ll be a good history lesson if he decides to actually read the thing.



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DIY Knotted Headband.

So it’s a bit hard to see in this picture, but I’m sure you get the idea. It’s cute…that’s all you have to know.

I took an old headband that I wasn’t wearing anymore and revamped it into a cute accessory! What fun!

 It was previously made from a dark brown satin material. I cut five strips off of James old t-shirt to use. One was wrapped around the headband to cover the colour, the other four were used to make the knot. All I used for this were scissors, an old t-shirt, a hot glue-gun and an old headband. Easy no-sew 20 minute project! (Here’s where I got the idea from)


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Star of the Day.

You know your child is growing-up when they start bringing home projects and homework. Grade One isn’t like Kindergarten. Oh no, it’s not just a few home reading books anymore. Within the first few weeks Rhys has brought home work for math, spelling, reading and his very first class presentation! The project is called Star of the Day. Each day one of the kids in his class gets to talk about their family, interests and favorite things. I think it’s a great idea. The project introduces a basic understanding of public speaking with the easiest topic…themselves! What kid doesn’t want to talk about his or her favorite food and movie?  

For each of the topics he will be talking about (food, movie, family, pet, sport, colour, etc.) he needs to bring an item or picture to help him explain it to the class. These items need to be packed in a box and the box needs to be decorated with things that he likes. We started working on the box last weekend. I had a kids shoebox lying around which was the perfect size for holding all of these items. originally Rhys wanted to just cover it with paper and plaster it with stickers…but then we remembered his MakeDo set. Why have just a boring old box holding all of the items when the box itself can be an item!??! (your brain just exploded, didn’t it?) For those of you who know Rhys, and now those of you who don’t, will know just how crazy this kid is about building things. Usually it takes the form of hours spent building with Lego at his table, but Rhys also loves building with recyclables. That’s where MakeDo comes in. Haven’t heard of MakeDo? Well, you should have. We bought Rhys a box of it at Toad Hall Toys a while back and he loves it. Makedo is a bunch of reusable connectors which allow you to build things out of recyclable materials. Rhys was doing this sort of thing before he discovered these cool connecters…these just make it easier.

Here’s our supplies:

-two toilet paper rolls

-one shoebox

-one KD box

-two fruit cup lids

-1/4 plastic wrap roll

Here’s our finished product:

I think it’s pretty neat. Why settle for an ordinary box when you can turn it into a super-cool robot? Now we have to fill it with his favorite things and work on a clear voice and eye contact (as per teachers instructions).

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I Hate Uggs.

I know this goes against the norm, but I hate Uggs. I do. I always have. They’re not fashionable. They’re not fashion forward. They’re not stylish. I can’t stand the yoga-pant wearing, Ugg clomping, I’m-too-busy-to-put-on-a-real-outfit trend. I was at the library with Amelia the other day and EVERY SINGLE MOTHER was wearing yoga pants and some version of the Ugg boot. I felt like shaking some sense into every single one of them. Mother’s of the world…”DON’T GIVE UP!” Although it’s not just mother’s. Vancouver was just voted the worst dressed place (by the Fashion Police apparently) because of this exact reason! Ugg boots have somehow become trendy and now they’ve taken over the world. I personally think that they’ve become appealing to the masses because they make your feet look so large and cartoon-ish that they actually have a sort-of slimming effect.

Yoga pants are for yoga. I have a pair or two kicking around and I wear them frequently. I call them my stretchy-pants (said with Nacho Libre flare) and I wear them for…………you guessed it, YOGA! Or possibly when I sit down to watch Drop Dead Diva with a gigantic bowl of ice cream, but that’s besides the point. The point is that I wear them in the confines of my home or when I’m clearly engaged in some form of excercise.

I also own a pair of Ugg-ish boots. They were hand-me-downs from my little sister (yes, she’s 14 years younger than me and her feet are bigger than mine). I was going to, politely, decline when they were first offered to me but then I reconsidered. Let’s face it, Ugg boots have one thing, and only one thing, going for them; their warmth. I took the ugly pre-broken-in boots because I thought they would be good to wear around the house. When I brought them home James lost it. He hates them more than I do and apparently I’d crossed over to the dark side. We actually had a full-blown argument about me wearing them out of the house (ONCE) for Festival Du Voyageur. I don’t own Sorrel’s. I should, but I don’t. Now if it’s -30 I’ll often wear the Uggs in the truck and bring along another, more fashionable pair of shoes or boots.

However, these horribly hideous things have unfortunately made it into my ‘acceptable-to-wear-while-walking-your-child-to-the-bus-stop’ wardrobe. I don’t know how this happened, but it did. The other day I grabbed the boots and slipped them on as Rhys and I were running walking to the bus. Every time I took a step something would catch my eye. Upon closer inspection I realized that there was a huge gaping hole on the toe of my boot that the stuffing was pouring out of. Well, I sure spent a heck of a lot of time fixing it up for not even liking the stupid boots.  As soon as I saw the hole I had a vision of a cute appliquéd flower covering it up. So that’s what I did.


And now my uggly boots are just that much cuter and have a little bit of personality stitched in. Still pretty uggly though…


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Everything Nice – Relief Prints.


New post on Everything Nice! Enjoy!

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This is my kinda thing.

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