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Some of my pictures have made it onto another blog! Check it out.

I take lots of pictures of feet so I find it funny to stumble-upon a whole community of like-minded people.


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Gimli Beach Day.

This past week my sister and I took our kids out to Gimli for the day. We had a grand ol’ time jumping the waves and warming ourselves in the sun. It was my first beachy day of the summer! Not having a vehicle had put a damper on most of my summer plans and I had almost given-up on getting out to a beach when, out of nowhere, my sister told me she would be by my house in 45 minutes to pick us and that we’d better pack. Gotta love sisters.



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Mountain Stream.

The kids and I just got back from a short (but lovely) vacation. While we were away we had the opportunity to go for a picnic by a mountain stream. It was perfect. I love the mountains with all of their nooks and crannies hidden away just waiting to be stumbled upon. A sense of adventure and excitement wash over me each and every time I find myself riding along the twisting highways.

We did a little bit of exploring to a few different streams and even built some rock piles and a dam.  The water was freezing cold and crystal clear and I would have been perfectly content to spend the whole day playing with the rocks beside the stream. I was ready to set up camp and stay there for the week. The water was moving so beautifully; creating delicate ripples in one part and tossing around gushing waves in the next. I love water.

I wanted to try to capture the movement and how it was complimented by the earthy rocks underneath. I played around with a few things on my silly little camera (not a fancy shmancy one) and ended-up changing the shutter speed so that it would catch the ripples and not turn them into a blur. I like how they turned-out. Enjoy.

{I suggest clicking on the picture to look at individually}

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Your grace is sufficient for me.

 *I started writing a poem today. It had something to do with my heart having a retaining wall. It was stupid. This is a really personal post but I feel the need to open the window of my soul and let it breathe*

 I’m having a difficult day. No, a difficult moment.

 I was a bit blindsided this morning and I’m struggling to get over it.

 I hadn’t realized that my composure was only skin deep. For so long I have tricked myself into thinking I was okay when I wasn’t.

 First one tear. Then another. Then a few more. Before I knew it I was absorbed in my full-blown pity party. I throw a wicked pity-party. I should make some cupcakes next time.

I had a hard time putting into words what I was feeling. It can be hard to be married to a man who is so proficient at communicating his thoughts.

I sit in the corner of the couch and feel as though I’m speaking a different language…if I can manage to speak at all.

There was a slow unravelling. A coming undone.

It was all about me. My sin the root. I’ve been selfish. I’ve felt entitled. I’ve been bitter and angry and jealous. I’ve been the opposite of what I had hoped to become.

 I had a good cry. In the middle of my pity-party and the realization over the state of my heart I was struck by God’s goodness. God’s grace. God’s pursuit. The contrast. And I couldn’t help but wonder…

Why do you still pursue?

Why do you still pursue?

 A Smeagol hunched over his precious, so inward and self-seeking, and yet you still extend your hand through the fog.

 I heard your voice loud through my weeping, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

 Well, here I am feeling weaker than weak. Exposed. Laid bare before you.

 It is a struggle and there is a lump in my throat. My chin quivers when I mumble the words that come out as a prayer…

 Your grace is sufficient for me.


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Why it’s a good idea to have children.

Reason #6 for why it’s a good idea to have children: You can spend your day looking forward to little whispers in your ear because four-year-old girls LOVE telling secrets. She’ll crawl over to you in the middle of watching Swiss Family Robinson and whisper important secrets like, “Rhys farts a lot!”

Reason #7 for why it’s a good idea to have children: Because it’s just too darn cute to do yoga with a 4 year-old in the mornings (especially when they make itty bitty yoga pants for them)!!

Reason #8 for why it’s a good idea to have children: Because after many tears, much frustration and countless pep talks it’s awesome to see the joy on your childs face when they finally tie their shoes by themselves for the first time!

Reason #9 for why it’s a good idea to have children: Your days can be filled with nail painting, butterflies, bubbles, tea parties, bug hunts and EasyBake!

Reason #10 for why it’s a good idea to have children: Because where else will a Ladybug help you bake, wash dishes AND wipe down the counters?

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A little bit of life – Summer Edition.

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