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You roll your dice, you move your mice.

What are rainy days good for? Making board games, that’s what.

I took Rhys to his Kindergarten Orientation yesterday morning. He’s been anticipating this morning for a few weeks now so it was with great excitement that he burst through his Kindergarten door, found his name sticker and wandered off to explore the new learning environment. We’ve visited the room twice before, once for Kindergarten registration and then again for a ‘Countdown To Kindergarten’ day that our division puts on. I figure that the more he’s in his room and the more times he can meet his teacher the better for both of us. Not that I’m really concerned about any sort of separation anxiety, he’s ready for school.

Like every other time that we’ve visited we were handed a book bag full of information packages, at-home teaching techniques, community resources, games for kids and various other goodies. In this particular bag that Rhys received yesterday he was given a pair of dice for working with numbers and the parents were given a few ideas for different ways to use them. Since it was a rainy day today I figured that I would like to make a board game and use Rhys’ new dice for that. Rhys, being over-the-moon excited about Kindergarten, decided that he wanted his board game to be about him going to school. There you have it…I’ve spent the last couple of hours making a board game about school and trying to incorporate various Kindergarten-ish things as well as a few fun twists and turns along the way. He loves his new game and is patiently waiting upstairs for me to play it…yet again.

Edit: I forgot to mention that while I sat at the table making this game for Rhys my lovely Amelia washed, rinsed, and stacked all of the dishes in my sink for me! Obviously I’m going to be washing them again, cuz she’s only 2, but still…it’s the thought that counts!


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