About Me

IMG_63822Well, my hope is that by reading this blog you will learn a thing or two about me, but for those of you who don’ t want to read every single thing that I write I’ll give you a little something to go on.

My name is Bria and I’m a 30-something stay-at-home mother of an nine year-old boy *Rhys*, a seven year-old girl *Amelia*, and a two year-old boy *Eli*. We spend our days playing, baking, crafting, walking, watching Curious George and expanding our understanding one word/number/letter at a time. I thoroughly enjoy a good book, a tasty recipe, and any awesome design blog – all of which are made better by a steaming cup of fresh coffee.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Coffee makes everything better. I do hope there was coffee in Haiti.

  2. Graeme Buys

    Hi Bria,

    Looks like things are going alright over there. I was hoping to talk to James for a bit but couldn’t seem to find his number anywhere. Do you think I could trouble you to get him to call me? Thanks, my number is 799-3037.



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