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Little Blue Vacuum Cleaner.

I received my first vacuum as a gift at my wedding shower just over six years ago. I was so excited. It was compact and blue and my very own. The little guy served us well over the years but something fairly significant has been lacking in it’s performance this past little while…it’s suction. We kept saying that we should buy a new but we just kept pushing it aside and pushing it aside while it kept getting weaker and weaker.

And then James finally just did it! He bought me a brand new Hoover vacuum this weekend and it’s sexy. As soon as we had walked through the door the packaging was whipped off and the beauty was up and running. James decided to give it a test run in our basement and when I walked down the stairs the first thing that I saw was our pathetic looking little blue vacuum all slumped over in a corner. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the old guy…all of our years spent cleaning the house together…he’d been so faithful to us…he hadn’t seen it coming…how could he compete with the sparkly new Hoover…WHAT? I stopped in my tracks and reminded myself that it is a vacuum cleaner! It doesn’t have a heart, it has a dust bag! Silly Bria.

But it did remind me of this commercial.




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LOVE it.

My mother was complaining to me this morning of the lack of new material on my blog the past little while (not that she reads my blog to stay in touch…we talk on the phone every other day). I don’t really have any good reason for not posting very much lately other than the fact that I was finishing the last half of Emma and it was just too darn romantic to put down. I’ve also been feeling a bit low on the creative juices front. With that said, don’t worry, I’m not planning on closing up shop any time soon.

Amelia has taken to saying ‘love’ these days. Although I do think it’s kinda cute, it would be a whole lot cuter if she were using the word ‘love’ for things that are actually worthwhile and meaningful. Rhys constantly tells me that he “loves me and thinks I’m pretty”. Now that’s cute! If only she could learn from her big brother. No, not Amelia. Instead she’s decided to enthusiastically declare her love for a pen or certain colour of crayon or a picture of a toy in the Toys-R-Us flyer (a PICTURE…not even a real toy in her hands).When she says the word ‘love’ her hands clasp tightly together over her chest and her eyes bug-out just a bit. A little over-the-top if you ask me. I’ve told her to stop. I’ve tried to explain that the word ‘love’ is an important word and that she LOVES mommy and she LOVES daddy and she LOVES Rhys and that she LIKES the pen (although, knowing Ammie, she may actually love the pen). It’s interesting to see her figure it out and I think that she might be catching on. Today, during our 20 minute bundle-a-thon, she loudly stated, “Momma, I just LOVE these snowpants!” I gave her a little look and she thought about it. “Momma, I LIKE these snowpants!”

I think it’s safe to say that I LOVE that silly little girl.


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A bit of life.


{it’s nice when your kid gets old enough to have the lovely chore of shoveling the walk}

{rhys is completely obsessed with Lego and army stuff. i  now have a little spot on my bookshelf for all of the pieces i sweep up}

{late night visits to the grocery store, Spongebob backpacks and all}

{lot’s of playing outside}

{LOT’S of hot cocoa being made}

{rhys has already decorated his whole room for Christmas…he’s kinda excited}

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Song and dance kinda’ gal.

Had to share it.

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Kids Books.

Remember that post that I wrote  about loving books? Well, I ended-up taking the kids to a bookstore later that day. If you haven’t already been to Indigo books on Kenaston then you really need to get over there and check it out. I’m mainly thinking of people with kids, or people who love bookstores as much as I do (maybe that’s why I watch You’ve Got Mail all of the time). The children’s section is just b-e-a-utiful! They’ve got lots of little things the kids can play with and, obviously, lots of books to read. But the best thing of all…they have little scooters the kids can ride all over the kids section. Ammie thought it was better than Christmas. Really, go grab a cup of coffee and have some fun in a colourful book-lovers paradise!

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Interesting Article.

Winnipeg made it into the New York Times! A very interesting article. Check it out.

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Wild Boar.

While waiting in the truck in the parking lot of Cabela’s.

Rhys: I want to go bear hunting with Dad.

Bria: One day you can. When you’re older.

Rhys: Sixteen?

Bria: Sure.

Ammie: Daddy should hunt a pig!

Bria: We don’t have wild pigs here. But there are places that have them. They’re called wild boar’s and they’re very vicious.

Rhys: What’s vicious?

Bria: Mean, angry, dangerous.

Rhys: I know how to kill a wild boar.

Bria: How?

Rhys: Well, I’d just shoot it right in the eyeball.

Bria: That might work.

Ammie: I’d shoot it in the tail!

Bria: (Trying not to laugh) Hmm, that might not work.

Rhys: I could hit it with a rock.

Bria: You’d have to have pretty good aim.

Rhys: What about a big rock?

Ammie: A HUGE rock!

Rhys: A rock that’s…54 feet tall!!!

Bria: Yup, that would kill it.

**I’m not kidding, my whole day is conversations like this.


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