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Pink Polka Dot Party!









Although I had nothing to do with the success of this pink party I have a duty to mankind to share the cuteness with the world. Is there anything more cheerful than having pink polka dot pillows strewn about the house, pink polka dot streamers on the walls, pink polka dot cakes on the table, and a whole buffet of pink polka dot food!??! Top that all off with a pink polka dot niece! Love it. My sister went all out and I think that everyone was impressed with how many ways she was able to incorporate the theme. What a crafty sister I have!

Ammie and I took a few of the polka dots home to decorate her room with (I’ll post pics soon) much to the dismay of James, who apparently isn’t a lover of pink polka dots. Bah, men.

Thanks for having such a fun birthday party Madeleine! And just incase you’re wondering, yes, those are watermelon polka dots!



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