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Studio Space

As I delve more and more into my artwork, as I explore different veins and methods and subjects, the more I realize I’d like to make this a ‘thing’. I want to make it work and it’s scary to say that out loud or write it down. It feels like if I let that out, even just as a little whisper, it will blow away, it will be gone in the blink of an eye and I don’t want that to happen. I’d love to spend my days painting!

I came across an interview with Australian artist Cressida Campbell where she describes her typical day, here’s a snippet:

“A typical day starts, depending on whether I have slept well or not, between 7.30am or 9.30am. I start the day by feeding my tortoise shell cat Kinta and my goldfish in the long pond, going to the front gate and picking up the newspaper from under the wattle trees.

I read the paper over breakfast and then walk up the 13 sandstone steps through a small courtyard garden of banksias and cliveas and unlock the studio, and sit at the easel and paint, listening to the ABC radio or talking to someone on the phone while I work.

I have a small lunch any time between 12.30pm and 2.30pm and keep on working till about 6.00pm. Sometimes I work at night if I have a deadline or the subject looks better at night. I usually have a gin and tonic at the end of the day and then a simple but good dinner, grilled fish or pasta or risotto. Or I go out for dinner or entertain!” (taken from

Doesn’t it sound lovely?

In the next half-a-year I will be acquiring studio space and I couldn’t be more excited. Finally, a place for me to let my artwork and supplies take over! No more stashing things in a little corner of the basement, or under a chair in the dining room. I can leave projects out on a counter and come back to it without having to worry about little fingers getting Nutella everywhere. I can surround myself with things that I’m inspired by. I’m excited by this opportunity and what it means for where my energy and focus can go.


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The Creative Side


My creative side has been neglected for a long time now. Between having (3) kids at a young age and all of the life hiccups that have happened over the years, it’s something that I reluctantly put on the back-burner in terms of importance. I had two New Years resolutions for 2015; pare down on all of the junk around the house and do more artwork. I’ve always felt that creativity is something that was woven into my fabric. I can’t shut it off. I can ignore it and close the door to it, but it doesn’t go away.

I shared this sentiment recently on Instagram and I feel it expresses very clearly what has been happening in me over the past few months:

When you set something aside for a long time, or neglect a crucial part of your being, your make-up, your personality, you start to feel like a shadowy version of yourself. Not totally there, not completely fulfilled. When you re-open the door and set aside time to cultivate that certain gift or quality, things seem to come back into focus. You are more yourself. You are more at home. At least that is what I have found to be true with my artwork. It’s like the world is brighter and I find I am inspired by everything around me; a lyric, a feeling, a phrase, a dish pattern, a colour. The floodgates have been opened! I’m finally allowing myself room to get it all out and, I gotta be honest, it’s been an amazing process thus far. I finally, after years and years, feel like myself again.

I’ve often felt that my artwork was just silly little doodles or paintings that weren’t anything special. I decided to take a risk and put some of what I’ve been working on onto my Instagram account. The first few posts were nerve wracking, it’s hard to put things like that ‘out there’, but the response and support I’ve received has overwhelmed me! I feel so supported and encouraged. I’ve completed my first order and have a list of people who are wanting a piece. Friends are sharing my work and nudging me to open an Etsy store. I’ve even received some t-shirt requests! I honestly didn’t think it would spin into this, but I’m so happy it has. Spending my days drinking coffee and creating are what my dreams are made of (I mean, a tropical or European backdrop is usually involved in those dreams too, but for now Winnipeg will have to do).

So I will continue on in opening the door and allowing my creative side to flow into my daily life, to become my new rhythm.

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