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Before and After ~ Part 1

I guess this isn’t a true before and after, more of a during and after. But here it is, none-the-less.

This is our upstairs. We re-painted, ripped-out the worlds worst carpet, put in a new sub-floor, moved the two vents (since they were in the middle of the room) and put in another plug. Then the carpet and mill work went in. This isn’t including all of the work James did in the walk-in closet (which will be a different post).

I only snapped a picture of the corner because there are still some tools and materials on the other side of the room, but this shows a bit of all of the work that was done. We decided to go back to light walls (we had darker grey before) and put in a dark brown carpet.

We love it. If we had gone with a light coloured carpet the room would look too bland, but the floor makes the walls ‘pop’ and with some colourful accents and some pictures or artwork up it’ll work really well.

Stay tuned for the walk-in closet post!



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Sorting Table.

The other day, while I was on one of my many trips down the long hallway of Rhys’ school I spotted some tables pushed-up against a wall. There were little signs on each of them that read, “If you want it – Take it!” The tables sat fairly low to the ground with solid wood legs and signs of years of use all over them…farmhouse-ish even. Unfortunately the signs were both crossed-out with some lucky persons name written underneath the heartbreaking ‘yougotheretoolate’ X. I thought about those tables for a good half-an-hour after I left the school. Oh, the possibilities!

The next day when I walked back into the school – lo and behold – another table! A better table! This one was a bit taller, a bit darker and a bit more beat-up with big square legs and dovetailed corners. What a beauty. I waisted no time in getting my name on it. I found out that it is an old Canada Post sorting table. Furniture with a story behind, my favorite.

The kids have a play table already. When I was pregnant with Amelia, James and I went down to Ikea and bought the kids a little table and chairs set. It has served them well but I’ve recently realize that the kids have out-grown the table. It’s meant for regular sized 2 & 3 year-olds…not overgrown 4 & 6 year olds. The kids don’t even like playing at the table anymore since it’s too small for them to spread-out their colouring or Lego.

A little while after the sorting table found its new home in my front window Rhys brought his army toys up and took over. The good guys (because Rhys is always the enemy) actually had room to spread-out and develop strategies!

I really liked the table when I first saw it but I fell in love with the table once I saw my kids playing at it.

(isn’t it the best?)


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Design Crack.

Who needs House & Home when you have this nifty tool?

The above design idea is what I would like to do to my basement…someday.

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I’m baaaaack!

So I’ve finally returned from the great wild west. The kids and I had a grand ol’ time visiting with our long-lost family but it feels good to be home. Believe it or not, I was actually getting antsy to do some cleaning and make myself useful…and get blogging again (I’ve actually missed it). I don’t have much time to write all about our trip and upload some pictures, with all the unpacking, the cleaning, and the grocery shopping that needs to get done, but I promise that I’ll get to it later today or tomorrow. I will leave you with a little something though! Do you remember waaaaaay back when I posted about the Pink Polka Dot Party? I said that Ammie and I took some decorations home for her room to spruce it up a bit. Well, I waited until Ammie was downstairs to put it all together (so it was kind-of a mini ‘While You Were Out’…) so when she came up to see it she was beyond excited. I wish I had video taped her reaction; think toddler jumping up and down saying, “Wook Mommy, Wook!” Very cute. So here’s the room…

I actually had that big circle purple pillow and polka dot blanket on her bed before I added my sister’s things…it was meant to be!

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