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Today was a good day.

Pretty skirt. Starbucks. Target. Green house. Smoke’s Poutinerie.

Yard work. Relaxing in the shade. Sprinkler.

BBQ with corn on the cob. The White Stripes.

All with James.

Days like these make up for all of the hard ones.


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Cottage Life


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It’s not you, it’s me.

“This is not a holiday” I said to my mother, “I don’t get to sleep-in!” Not that I normally sleep-in on a holiday, or ever for that matter, but waking up anywhere between 5:30 and 7:00 is not ideal. Summer holidays are for kids and students…not for stay-at-home mothers.

Every day feels like utter chaos. Between carting kids around to camps, pools and play-dates, doing errands with the kids, cleaning up a zillion times a day because they are at home playing with every single toy and craft all at once whilst dragging in every little pine-cone, flower, rock or blade of grass they can find, breaking-up arguments because the kids are tired of each other and the house and being quiet because their shift-working dad is sleeping, and feeding Amelia 65 times a day (not to mention taking care of a very mobile baby on top of all of that) I’m totally done by 8:00pm (and if the kids aren’t all in bed and asleep by 7:59 I turn into a crazy rabid she-wolf that devours young children).

My mother responded to my cry for help by saying that it’s true, a mother’s holidays aren’t July and August but instead are June and September (and I’m sure she was using the word ‘holiday’ lightly, since it’s still not a holiday). June because it’s nice out but the kids are still in school and September because you’re just so freaking happy that the kids go back to school. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove my kids, but I’m also not a saint and I know my limits. I’ve reached my limit. I want 5 minutes to myself and I want to clean the house and have one corner stay clean for longer than a blink.

All of this is a lead-up for me to say to all my friends that I’ve been wanting to get together with for ages and keep saying we should grab a coffee…it’s not you, it’s me! Rather, it’s my house and my kids and, well, summer. I miss you, I really do (and I reeeally want to drink that coffee), but it’s just not working out right now. I do hope you can understand and forgive me because I already feel guilty about yelling at my children for the 5,349th time today. Maybe once things get sorted out and I get my act together we could try again? Maybe in, oh, I don’t know, 5 years?

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Summer Surprise

I’m always relieved and anxious when the school year comes to an end. On one hand, no more schedules and alarms! On the other hand, I have to figure out how to keep three kids entertained and occupied so they don’t go stir-crazy and kill each other (or make their mother go postal)! Normally I have to pour over my calendar and compare James work shifts and his side jobs so that I know when I can have the truck. Then I have to research outings and events and budgets. On top of that we are throwing in a baby’s schedule this year. I was feeling pretty stressed two weeks ago because all of the camps that I wanted to put the kids into conflicted with when I wouldn’t be able to have access to our vehicle and taking the bus with two kids and a baby is quite difficult (and not all that cheap).

Lo and behold, my stellar husband surprised me with purchasing me my very. own. CAR!!! The next day I went and registered the kids for all of the camps I had been wanting to put them in. I was hoping to get a car next year, so this came as a total shock to me. Apparently he’d been quietly saving for this for a little while now. What a guy.

 It honestly feels like my whole world has opened up!

Now summer doesn’t look so daunting to me.


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Dreaming of…


It’s -37 with the wind-chill today


And all I can think  of


is summer.

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Life is a beach.

What a great day. I needed a day like this to relax and unwind and let the kids run wild. My sister and I took the kids up to Winnipeg beach for the day. They had their ‘Boardwalk Days’ festival on this weekend so their downtown was closed and all set-up for a fair. We swam, had a picnic, played in the sand, played at a park, got henna done (Ammie got a butterfly, Maddie got some stars and Rhys got a scorpion…which he named ‘Scorpio’), had poutine, played at an arcade and went on a few rides. Wow, that’s a lot of fun for just one day!







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