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Pink Lego.

Ammie asked for two things this Christmas.

1. a pink scooter.


2. pink lego.

I was fortunate enough to actually find a pink bin of pink lego, not duplo…lego! I was so excited because I knew that she would be so excited. She sits and watches her older brother play with his lego all of the time. Every once-in-a-while he’ll let her play with him, but it’s all boy stuff and boy colours. The thought of her being able to pull out her own bin of pretty lego made me happy. No more asking, no more dissapointment.

She was THRILLED when she tore off the wrapping paper to see that mommy had indeed listened to her requests and found what her little heart wanted. She’s been building and building and building. Granted, that is Rhys’ hand in the picture but Ammie has it made now. Rhys loves to build and she loves to play with his creations. Now he can build her tractors and kitty cats and he can be the farmer and she can be the horse. It’s worked out rather well.

And, I’m not gonna lie, I enjoy building with the ‘girlie’ colours way more than with the gross ‘boy’ colours.  So much prettier. (And I have to point out the lovely flat screen tv that is sitting behind the yellow house. Those lucky lego people…)


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A Glimpse of a Christmas.


{rhys and ammie in their christmas jammies}

{decorating our itty bitty tree}

{james as the designated gift passer-outer}

{one of the many christmas craft projects}

{starwars + lego + video games = one very happy boy}

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Step-by-Step Guide On How to Ruin Your Child’s Stocking.

Hello and welcome to my EASY step-by-step guide on how to successfully ruin a thoughtfully put together stocking.

Step One: Purchase fun stocking stuffers your little girl (or boy) is sure to love.

Step Two: Pull out the stocking from the Christmas bin.

Step Three: Keeping with tradition place a mandarin orange in the toe of the stocking.

Step Four: Top-up stocking with all of the girlish goodness.

Step Five: Place filled stocking on a flight of stairs with the intention of hiding it later on.

Step Six: Forget stocking has been placed on stairs and, a few hours later, make a dash up said stairs to grab something.

Step Seven: Mid-way through your stair-climb plant your foot forcefully onto the toe of the stocking.

Step Eight: Stop and take a moment to ask yourself why your foot is all wet and squishy.

Step Nine: Slowly look down to see that you have, in fact, flattened that traditional Christmas orange, successfully shooting mandarin goo all throughout the child’s stocking.

Step Ten: Kick yourself for being so stupid.


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So cute. So weird.

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Today is the day.

As I write this there are a million things zooming through my mind.

Well, not a million….

Thought number one: This is really good coffee.

Thought number two: I really like my new haircut.

Thought number three: Please please please let the decision be a resounding YES!!!

So mainly three things are dominating my thoughts right now.

You see, today is the day that our families fate is decided for us.

A file is handed in. A file is reviewed. A file is stamped with a yay or a nay.

I’m not saying what it is. Some of you know and some of you don’t.

Whichever side you find yourself on today some prayers could help us out a lot.

Even if it’s just to calm my nerves.

We stepped into this trusting that if this is what God would have us do then doors would be opened.

So far they have.

Will this last door shut? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

So nervous and excited and ready to hear.



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Songs To Bop Your Head To – Dog Days Are Over.

I figured it was about time I did a few more music posts. I just heard this song by Florence + The Machines for the first time last week. The video is a bit…weird, but if you can get past that then I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy the song. She’s got a beautiful voice so have a listen and tell me what you think.

(you’ll have to follow the jump over to youtube because it’s a vevo video…or something.)


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Hippo For Christmas.

(While looking at a picture of a baby panda on the WFP website)

Bria: Aw. Look at that adorable baby panda!

Ammie: Oh, I want that for Christmas!

Bria: But Ammie, this is a real panda.

Ammie: Ya, for Christmas!

Bria: Where would we put a panda?

Ammie: Or a hippopotamus!

Bria: Those are really big Ammie.

Rhys: And he’ll eat you.

Ammie: No, just a little one! Like…(holding her hands a few inches apart) this big.

Bria: So a baby one?

Ammie: Ya!

Rhys: But it’ll chomp you (making a chomping motion with his arms).

Ammie: Then I’ll just pinch his cheek!

Bria: When it’s big?

Ammie: Ya.

Bria: So you’ll pinch your hippo’s cheek so that it knows not to eat us?

Ammie: Ya.

Bria: Where would we put the hippo?

Ammie: (looking at me like I’m stupid) In our backyard!


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