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Sorting Table.

The other day, while I was on one of my many trips down the long hallway of Rhys’ school I spotted some tables pushed-up against a wall. There were little signs on each of them that read, “If you want it – Take it!” The tables sat fairly low to the ground with solid wood legs and signs of years of use all over them…farmhouse-ish even. Unfortunately the signs were both crossed-out with some lucky persons name written underneath the heartbreaking ‘yougotheretoolate’ X. I thought about those tables for a good half-an-hour after I left the school. Oh, the possibilities!

The next day when I walked back into the school – lo and behold – another table! A better table! This one was a bit taller, a bit darker and a bit more beat-up with big square legs and dovetailed corners. What a beauty. I waisted no time in getting my name on it. I found out that it is an old Canada Post sorting table. Furniture with a story behind, my favorite.

The kids have a play table already. When I was pregnant with Amelia, James and I went down to Ikea and bought the kids a little table and chairs set. It has served them well but I’ve recently realize that the kids have out-grown the table. It’s meant for regular sized 2 & 3 year-olds…not overgrown 4 & 6 year olds. The kids don’t even like playing at the table anymore since it’s too small for them to spread-out their colouring or Lego.

A little while after the sorting table found its new home in my front window Rhys brought his army toys up and took over. The good guys (because Rhys is always the enemy) actually had room to spread-out and develop strategies!

I really liked the table when I first saw it but I fell in love with the table once I saw my kids playing at it.

(isn’t it the best?)


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A Little Bit of Life.


{we’ve been going on LOT’S of bike rides}

{i’ve taken-up jogging (again) and have joined a 30 day fitness challenge with a few other people…i’m a bit tired from all the running and working out but I feel great and am inspired to continue on}

{listening to lot’s of good music while I run}

{ammie is going through a ‘helper’ stage…i love it}

{rhys has soccer 3 times a week right now and i’m an assistant coach so we’re out on the field a lot}

{one of my favorite parts of the day is when james gets home and tells me what he’s been up to. his days are filled with hilarious stories, rigorous training, and lot’s of studying. he’s leading a very interesting life these days}

{oh, and that little Lego cop is my key chain}


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She finally speaks.

Lying on the basement floor, my one shoe tapping to the beat of the song.

I’m tired. Emotionally. Physically.

I went for a jog. I had to. There was too much on my mind, too much on my heart to sit still.

I ran and ran and ran. I beat the distance I had set for myself. I left the pity party behind.

I’m closing my eyes and slowing my breathing while the words ‘awake my soul’ are repeated over and over.

The whole family is asleep so I sing it loud, hoping that maybe my soul will actually hear.

Wake-up. Wake-up.

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To the Hardest Workers in the World!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you baby wearing, diaper changing, nose wiping, KD making, midnight feeding, errand running, coffee guzzling, deep breathing, potty training, Franklin reading, floor sweeping, dish doing workers out there! You are all amazing!

(Re-posted from last year…ya, what can I say? James is downstairs making coffee and french toast, the kids are sleeping over at their grandma’s house and I’m a bit lazy.)


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The Sweetest Thing.

(while walking past the kids room awhile after they had been tucked in for the night)

Rhys: Mom….

Me: Yes Rhys?

Rhys: Um…….

Ammie: Can I just say one thing?

Me: Sure.

Ammie: It’s just that…I love you.

Me: I love you too Ammie.

Rhys: Um….

Ammie: When I say that, I need a hug and a kiss.

Me: Okay.

(I go and give Ammie a hug and a kiss)

Ammie: I’ll just kiss you on the neck. Not right here (pointing to the side of my neck), just right here (pointing to the front of my neck).

Me: Okay.

Ammie: *smooch*

Rhys: Um….

Me: (standing-up to talk to Rhys on the top bunk) Yes? What is it Rhys?

Rhys: Do you know why I make things out of garbage?

Me: Why?

Rhys: So that our dumps don’t get any bigger.

Me: That’s right. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, right?

Rhys: Ya, like the three white arrows.

Me: It’s very important. Goodnight Rhys.

Ammie: Mom?

Me: What?

Ammie: It’s just that I like pink…and stickers.

Me: Good night children (walking out of the room).

Ammie: And babies!

Me: Ya, I know you do. Good night.

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Hello, my name is Bria (hi bria)and I’m an INFJ (applause).

I’ve done a number of personality tests over the past year for various reasons. I like personality tests, I always have. I believe that you can gain insight and a certain knowledge about yourself from a well put together test, like Myers-Briggs. Every time I’ve taken one they’ve all come back saying the same thing, I’m an INFJ. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the 16 personality types developed by Myers-Briggs, my letters stand for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. The INFJ personality is called The Counsellor or The Protector (I see myself as neither a counsellor or a protector…but that’s okay). For more information, or to take your own test, go here.

I guess it can be a silly thing, trying to find some amount of self-discovery in something that is rather limiting ( of all the people who are in the world, do we really fit into 16 personality types?), but it’s actually helped me. I freaked-out the first time I read the description of an INFJ personality. There were so many things that it said that I had been feeling (or had known about myself) that I had never put into words. It was weird. Here is a tid-bit of one of the portraits of my personality type:

INFJs are gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Only one percent of the population has an INFJ Personality Type, making it the most rare of all the types.

 They constantly define and re-define the priorities in their lives.

INFJ is a perfectionist who doubts that they are living up to their full potential. INFJs are rarely at complete peace with themselves – there’s always something else they should be doing to improve themselves and the world around them. They believe in constant growth, and don’t often take time to revel in their accomplishments. They have strong value systems, and need to live their lives in accordance with what they feel is right. In deference to the Feeling aspect of their personalities, INFJs are in some ways gentle and easy going. Conversely, they have very high expectations of themselves, and frequently of their families. They don’t believe in compromising their ideals.

(taken from

I feel like I can connect with 99% of what is said about the INFJ personality, but lately the words ‘priorities’, ‘potential’ and ‘improve’ have been sticking out haunting me. I realized that one of the reasons that I spend a lot of the day ‘in my head’ trying to sort myself/my life/my world out is not because I’m crazy, but because it’s my personality (and I’m slightly crazy)…and there are others out there like me (smile). It’s been nice to have some insight into my mind but, to be honest, I’ve been too ‘in my head’. I think that it can be the downfall of my personality if I don’t keep tabs on it. There are days where I spend too much of my day thinking about all the things that I’m not doing, the things that I’m not improving on, the potential that I’m not reaching. I get so caught-up in trying to sort-out my future that I forget to live right now and then when my head finally hits the pillow at night I realize that I wasted my whole day and I get depressed. But the cycle usually starts over the next day and I’m back at nit-picking my life apart over a cup of coffee, shooing the kids away because they’re distracting. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy blogging. Blogging lets me be introspective while giving me the satisfaction of seeing something concrete ‘on paper’, There’s at least something to show for it at the end of the day.

Anyways, all of this is a lead-up to a question that I’d like to ask you. What do you do to get out of your head? I’ve been trying to put on music or read a book to take my mind off of…well…my mind, but I’d love to hear some other suggestions!

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