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Our big tree on the left side of our house is scheduled to come down at the end of this week. I’m nervous.

We have a lot of renovations planned for this summer and fall and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t even a little apprehensive. It’s not that I don’t want them to happen. Quite the contrary actually. I’m so excited to have a driveway and garage and patio and (fingers crossed) greenhouse. It just seems too good to be true. Like the renovations won’t turn out the way I had hoped, or that we will hit too many snags. Or that it will take years and years to complete. We do realize that some of this (like the landscaping around our patio) will have to happen next spring due to the enormity of the project before us. Things just don’t normally go smoothly for James and I. If there are hiccups and road blocks to be had, we are the ones who will have them. I’m speaking from experience on this one, not pessimism. I so badly want these changes to be what we have envisioned and for them to enrich our lives in the ways we’ve hoped they will. I really want to feel at home in our little piece of Elmwood when all of this is said and done.

So I’m nervous. The tree is the first big change, the first step in our epic backyard overhaul. I’m sad to see it go, it’s been a good tree. But I guess when we start to miss it, we can just shift our gaze and admire the other identical tree on our property. James was thinking of making something out of the wood so we can kind of keep it with us.

Sometimes change is hard, even when you know it’s good.



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It was time.

Our eight year relationship came to an end. I tried to prolong the inevitable. I took breaks and limited my time, but in the end it had to happen. I kicked-off 2015 by shutting down my Facebook account. And you know what? It felt great.

I’ve blogged about my FB frustrations before, and I’m sure it’s not a stretch for most people to understand them, but it had gotten to a point where every time I logged-on I was left wondering why I allow that in my life. I have my blog (however infrequently I’ve been using it lately), I have Instagram, I have e-mail and a phone. My true friends will contact me without needing a social media reminder. I have other platforms to get my thoughts out and to allow little glimpses into my life. So why did I need it? Why was I wasting my energy and mental space on it? The cons were drastically outweighing the pros when I would go through an internal debate about keeping Facebook. Eventually there came a moment when there were no pros, and that meant it was time.

To be totally honest, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, which is a good thing considering I’ve been pretty stressed these days. I need the room. I need the space. I need those shreds of composure to deal with my life. I need the energy and time. Facebook doesn’t need any of that.

So that’s that. The book, as it were, is closed and I’m moving on.


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