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My husband is really into all things tactical and practical. If you ever find yourself stranded or in an emergency, he’d be the guy you’d want with you. He carries around a backpack that’s fully equipped for practically every situation you could imagine (and yes, it does have the world’s smallest survival kit in it). Lately he likes looking at those Every Day Carry (EDC) blogs. At first I thought it was pretty ridiculous, but then I started seeing all the neat little  things people feel they need on their person and it became interesting to see what different people carry around with them. It’s kind-of a little glimpse into ones personality, I think.

I thought it would be a bit funny to do one on here. So, without further apologizing for my silliness, here is Bria’s EDC:



(I tried to organize it in columns…but do your best to follow along)

  • House key, car key and our SUV key, held together by a carabiner (because those come in handy) along with a Rainbow Loom key chain made by my daughter and a paracord key chain made by my husband (which can come apart and has multiple survival uses)
  • Wallet (no, I’m not going to go through all of my change and cards…but I am hoping to get a leather one soon)
  • Sunglasses
  • Buck knife which is always clipped on the outer pocket of my bag for easy access (Edit: Model 327 Buck Nobleman with Titanium coated stainless steel handle which was a gift from my sister for being her Maid-of-Honor).
  • Coffee hook (hooks underneath of your coffee sleeve and then hooks onto your shopping cart).
  • Flashlight
  • 3 pens (one for me and one for each of our older children)
  • Black travel make-up case (everything else listed from now on fits nicely inside of it)
  • Advil
  • Bath & BodyWorks honey vanilla lotion
  • Instant Coffee (Starbucks VIA…you never know when you’ll need a coffee)
  • Band-Aid’s (Amelia is my daughter, enough said).
  • Ricola cough drops
  • Another knife…just because
  • Burts Bees lip-gloss, Lip Smackers Dr.Pepper lip-gloss, Lipstick (Elizabeth Arden in Perfect Melon)
  • Nail clippers
  • Tampon (a girl’s gotta be prepared)
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume
  • Hello Kitty lip-gloss (Amelia’s)
  • Mints from the Wynn in Vegas
  • Floss

Not Shown: iPhone, reusable cloth bags that I usually stuff inside, a toque, a notebook, and the paperwork for my non-restricted firearms license that I still haven’t taken out of my bag and should really send away for.

All of which is carried in the medium Tobacco coloured Leather Satchel (which converts quickly and easily into a backpack) made by Saddleback Leather. You should really check them out. For real. We have a number of their products (my bag, a few leather pouches and our iPad case) and they really do make the best leather products.

So that’s that. My EDC. Maybe not full of cool gear like everyone else’s, but it’s what I need for being a busy mother of three on-the-go! So, is anyone else is brave enough to dump the contents of their bag or purse?



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These Days




Just in the past week or so Eli has started to actually play. It’s still crazy toddler playing, but he’s finally sitting down or sitting at the table and occupying his time with toys instead of just wandering around the house carrying things or moving random objects from here to there. It’s nice. Really nice. I think that part of it is that Rhys and Amelia sit at the table a lot and Eli wants to be up there doing something as well. He’s all about cars and trucks, like most little boys. He can’t say a single word but he can make loads of sound effects already.

Now that the weather is warming up and our snow is quickly melting we are taking lots of walks around the block. Sometimes he walks and splashes in the puddles and sometimes I push him in the stroller. We are both loving the fresh air after being cooped up all winter long. Its fun to see his world open up; new smells and sounds and sights. He’s clearly enjoying himself.

I’ve been busy with the house and kids and husband, as per usual. I moved all of my living room and dining room furniture a few days ago and swept and moped everywhere. It was so clean and shiny and sparkling. Today? It looks like a dirty stuff bomb went off. There are muddy footprints all through the house (husband), there are tiny cars scattered about (Eli), there are clothes all over (Amelia), there are Lego bits and loom elastics and pine needles. It’s a never-ending tedious job that makes me drink at night.

But that’s life. Clean one minute and messy the next.


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Those Cheeks!


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April 12, 2014 · 1:17 pm

Useless Facts

I had planned on spending Monday morning checking off my To-Do list until it occurred to me that today was the official end to spring break…which means I survived it. Huzzah! I do believe that entitles me to a lazy morning which I will waste away by blogging and sipping on coffee. My To-Do list can wait. And besides, I’ve already made lunches, breakfasts, switched laundry, loaded and started the dishwasher AND made sure two kids were off to school without crazy hair and dirty teeth (although I’m not sure it was an entire success because Amelia was dressed head-to-toe in cheetah print…).

random bria - childhood.

I haven’t done anything like this in quite awhile, so I thought it would be fun…in a lame kind of way. Okay, so the real reason is that I felt like blogging and just didn’t know what to write about today. There. Carrying on.

10 Useless Facts About Bria

(that you may or may not know or even care to know about)

  1. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist for a little while when I was younger. Despite living in the prairies, I kind of regret not following that vein of study after high school. As it turns out, I married a man who watched Jacques Cousteau when he was a kid and also dreamed of being a Marine Biologist (so naturally we both agree the movie Life Aquatic is an incredible masterpiece).
  2. I remember thinking that my mothers bright yellow Sony Walkman was the coolest thing ever.
  3. My favourite colour is best described as Tangerine, but can be anywhere from Peach to Poppy. I can’t help but feel happy and inspired around it.
  4. I would love to have a studio space to pursue all of my artistic whims. I envision it as being open, bright and white…and peaceful. In a perfect world it would be on-top of my vintage dress shop.
  5. I had a Cabbage Patch doll that was named Gloria. I decided to caller her Gloria-to-Gloria. Then I decided that my name should match hers so I started calling myself Bria-to-Bria.
  6. I have one tattoo. It’s small, but it was a perfect starter. I’ve spent time designing about a million more, a few of them have stuck with me for years on end, which leads me to believe that it would be okay to actually get them done. What’s missing is the disposable income to spend on the most useless thing in the world. Really, who actually needs a tattoo?  Eventually I will have more.
  7. I took TaeKwando when I was a kid. I really liked it but I love boxing. Love, love, LOVE. I wish I had discovered it when I was much younger. I think I would have liked to train for some fights.
  8. Rhys was given a skateboard for his 8th birthday. He keeps saying that he wants to go to the skate park and go to a skateboarding camp this summer. I’m not an overly paranoid parent but I kinda want to bubble-wrap him.
  9. There were a few teachers in school that didn’t like me the moment I stepped foot in their class. This can happen when you’re last in line of a string of siblings going through school. As it turns out, I didn’t like any of them either. They were all cranky and had been teaching way too long. I did, however, love my art teacher. She was amazing. I’d love to be an art teacher.
  10. The 1998 album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ rocked my world.

So there you have it. Now you know a bunch of silly things about me.

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