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Yesterday James and I decided to take the day to do some fun things with the kids. We called this F-Day because it was a ‘Family Fun Day’ and it just so happened to fall on a Friday (it’s also somewhat of a joke from when James worked at Prov…but that is a story that he should tell). We started out by taking the kids to their annual doctor’s appointment. It went really well but apparently I have monsters for children, either that or bean stalks. Rhys is in the 90th percentile for height and Amelia is in the 105th. I just can’t get away from 6 foot freaks 🙂 Just kidding.  After seeing the pediatrician we made a few random stops and then surprised the kids with a trip to the Aviation Museum. They were both really excited to get to see airplanes so up close. I thought that it would just be Rhys shreeking with excitement, but Amelia was right along side of him running from airplane to airplane pointing out all of the cool things. It was a good day to go since the museum puts on a Hallowe’en bash every year so all of their decorations were up. They had random bloody arms and hanging pirates everywhere! Good wholesome fun. Both James and I like airplanes (although he knows way more about them then I do) so it was a neat thing to share with the kids.

 After seeing all of the planes we went to Tim Horton’s and got them a big box of Tim Bits, which was equally exciting to them. It’s sick how many dough balls those kids can pack back. After spending a few hours at home in the afternoon we went out again to make a few more stops; getting James a jacket, buying Hallowe’en candy, getting Rhys a costume, buying the kids a Christmas gift (secretly). We finished off by going to Pizza Hut for dinner. This was a total mistake this time. Although, when is it ever right to go to Pizza Hut? It took FOREVER to get our food and by the end of our time there the waiter looked as though he was having a mental breakdown. unfortunately I’m not joking about this. Upon leaving the restaurant we noticed him leaning against the back of the building with his face pressed up against the brick. We had a good chuckle about this and then wondered if we should go ask him if he was actually okay. We didn’t, thinking that it might make it worse.

All-in-all F-Day was a success, something that we’ll definitely do again. I think that it’s important for the kids too see James take a day off just to spend time with them and for all of us to have some quality time doing something out of the ordinary. I’d love to hear any ideas or memories that you guys have with spending time with your families, or something that you do right now with them. I could use some ideas for next time!


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My son has recently become obsessed with the new movie Monsters Vs. Aliens. I just watched it for the first time last night and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it as well, but I usually enjoy animated movies. He is so taken with this movie that this morning as James was leaving for work Rhys did a reenactment of the scene where the alien robot sprouts arms and emerges from the ground. It was so funny and so exactly the same as the movie both James and I howled. As Rhys went to bed last night he was pretending that his monkey was the alien robot stomping through San Francisco. He’s seriously obsessed. I love it because I can see him using his imagination and figuring out different ways to expressed his excitement over it. I’m not surprised that he loves it this much, any movie with a robot in it will romance his preschooler’s heart. There are times when he even goes around the house talking and walking like a robot. One of his many excuses for not cleaning his room is (said in a robotic voice), “I-do-not-clean-my-room. *pause* I-am-Energon!” He’s a funny boy.

He drew and coloured a picture of B.O.B from M Vs. A a few days ago. I think that it’s one of my favorites thus far, even more-so than the picture the painted of a squid. Gotta love the kids imagination. IMG

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As Good As It Gets

Just a quick note to say that my husband has joined my site with his very own page to post and update as he pleases. Check it out. I dare you.

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My darling little two-year old girl looked over at me this morning as I was pouring my steaming cup of coffee and managed to notify me, between grunts, that she had poop in her diaper. I quickly grabbed her (having registered that she was still making BM noises as she said this) and plunked her on the toilet. She, in fact, did NOT have poop in her diaper…yet. Much to her protesting I get her a little toy and left her to do her business. I know that it’s time for her to be potty trained. Not because she tells me every time she needs to go but because there have been a few times now where she has taken it upon herself to change her own bum. I walked by her room yesterday expecting to see a napping girl and instead I saw a naked girl lying on the floor attempting to wipe herself. It’s quite funny when you think about it, and when it’s not number 2, but it’s still bad. If she is aware enough to do that then she’s definitely aware enough to just do it on the toilet! Anyways, I had left her for a few minutes thinking that this time would be no different then all the others. I yelled around the corner that she needed to do it on the potty and not in her diaper (this is a really good parenting strategy by-the-way, just yell somewhat random facts at your kids from across the house and pretend that they hear and understand you. works every time.) only to get the reply, “Yes I am do poop on the potty Mom!” Success my friends, success! She did her business on the potty! It can be done! I’ve heard that girls are way easier to potty train than boys and I am seriously hoping this is the case. Really. Hoping. A lot. I’m sick and tired of buying diapers when that money could be going to something way more useful…like beer and popcorn. 🙂IMG_7812


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crafting with kids.

3-D Play Dough

2 Cups Flour

2/3 Cup Salt

3/4 Cup Water

Mix, roll, cut, bake (at 300 for 30 minutes), cool, paint, PLAY!


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The Church Office

Our church has been doing these hilarious spoofs on ‘The Office’ for a few months now. The videos star (and are written by, I think) a guy from our congregation, Dave Rae, who has been uploading them onto his YouTube channel. I find them quite funny and if you’re looking for a good chuckle and enjoy awkward humor then I suggest you hop over there and watch a few of them.

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