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Busy Birthday Weekend.


7:30am – Wake-up, get kids fed and dressed and ready for soccer, get self fed and dressed and ready for busy day.

9:30am – Get picked-up by M-I-L to set-up for F-I-L’s 65th birthday party.

1:00pm – Guests arrive at curling rink.

1:30 to 4:30pm – Make sure Amelia doesn’t smash her head on the rocks.

(…and find it hard to peel eyes away from husband while he is curling)

4:30 to 6:30pm – Feed guests and clean-up

6:30 – 8:00pm – Rush home. Change. Rush to 2nd birthday party for step-S.I.L.

8:00 to 11:30pm – Watch the kids go loopy dancing the night away, do the Boot Scoop Boogey, eat some pizza, dance to some Micheal Jackson with James.


7:30am – Wake-up, get the kids showered and dressed. Get myself showered and dressed.

8:30am – Yell at James 50 million times to wake-up.

9:30am – Run to Tim Hortons for breakfast and the biggest cup of coffee one can find.

10:00am – Church service (and teach Sunday school)

12:00pm – Go to friends house for a wiener roast/bon fire.

3:30pm – Run to the store to pick-up some things.

4:00 – 9:00pm – Go to mom’s house to celebrate step-dad’s 70th birthday and have a Grey Cup party.

10:00pm – Crawl into bed and wonder how I am going to find enough energy to clean the whole house and host a big family dinner the very next day.




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On Birth.

I watched a documentary the other day called The Business of Being Born ( and I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. The film deals with the state of maternity care within the United States. If you’ve ever birthed a child, plan to birth a child, are interested in the birthing process or are just a documentary junkie I recommend this movie. It was produced by Ricki Lake (yes, the same Rick Lake from the talk show) and it explores the difference of hospital vs. homebirth. If you take issue with seeing naked women delivering children, it’s not for you. However, if you can get over that part of it then I’m sure you will find the film extremely interesting.

I think that I really connected with the film because I had two very different birthing experiences between Rhys and Amelia. The type of birthing was the same, but how I felt coming out of the delivery room was so polar opposite I couldn’t even believe it. I was speechless after I had Amelia when I realized just how amazing the birthing experience could be. With Rhys I was so drugged-up, flat of my back, with an inconsiderate doctor making rude comments about how I was “the worst pusher she’d ever seen”. After he was born he was whisked away to be cleaned-up and inspected. I didn’t bond with him and it took me weeks to feel that special connection. I had Amelia naturally (with just a little help from some laughing gas to get me over the hump of bad contractions), she came out and was plopped right on my chest so that we could bond. I wasn’t high on some drug concoction so I was able to feel the rush of hormones that kick-start your maternal drive. I was over-the-moon happy and aware and excited. I was chatty and sociable. One nurse kept saying she couldn’t believe that I’d just had a baby (about 20 minutes after)! The nurses and the doctor were wonderful. Since I delivered her in a small town it felt more like a birthing center with some old midwives than a hospital that had to cycle women through as fast as possible.

I could go into a lot more detail, but I’m sure you guys don’t really want to hear it….how about you just watch the film (if you’re interested) and let me know what you think?


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Feeling the Christmas Spirit.

{all while listening to my favorite Christmas song}


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Learning How To Spell.


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After Church.

I have fond memories of Sunday afternoons growing-up. As a family we would attend church and, more often than not, head out for lunch after the service. There are two places that come to mind when I think back on those days; Fuddruckers and Grandma Lee’s. These were two polar opposite lunch destinations, but both equally delicious.

Grandma Lee’s was a little mom and pop joint. I remember their towering  sandwiches made with, what seemed like, the thickest slice of fresh bread you’d ever seen. The classic brown coffee cups and poorly decorated walls made it feel so comfortable and homey.

Fuddruckers was a chain burger joint. You went up to the front and placed your order and gave them your name. When your order was up they’d call your name over the intercom and you’d then put all of your desired fixings on your burger. After you were done eating you’d take your little ticket up to the dessert counter to redeem it for a cookie or slice of pie. They had some video games that kids could play while they waited for their food. This was a fun place to be as a kid and my dad would do his best to embarrass the poor worker who had to read the orders out over the intercom by coming-up with ridiculous names. The funny thing about Fuddruckers was that James would also go there with his family after church…I was probably seated close to him on more than one occasion.

Rarely were these after church outings to restaurants made by ourselves, we were usually with friends and the plans were usually made last-minute. So much of Sunday morning is about community and fellowship and I always liked that my parents made an effort to extend this beyond the church service. It’s something that I hope my kids can grow-up with and something that I’ve realized we haven’t done enough of. I know that we don’t need to go to a restaurant to visit with friends after church, this can easily be done in someone’s home. With a little planning and a little willingness to host it can be accomplished for much cheaper. Maybe I should make more of an effort to invite people over for lunch after church. Spending time gathered around a table is a great way to get to know people and feel like you are part of a community. It seems to me like Sunday afternoon was made for good food, good friends, full bellies and good conversation.


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A friend had posted this video to her FB page and I just had to share it. It’s a place I’ve been to a number of times to volunteer with a few different things. Our church sends a group of people once a month to work in the basement sorting clothing that will end-up upstairs in the Clothing Closet. I always enjoy my time at Siloam. I’m looking forward to when both kids are in school full-time so James and I can work in the kitchen serving meals. Have a look. If you live in this area and have never volunteered at Siloam (or a place like Siloam) I would strongly suggest you give it some thought.

Siloam Mission from Handcraft on Vimeo.


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every morning.



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