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Scotch tape.

As I’m sure you can tell, I’ve been a little absent these past few weeks. Sorry. Life’s been trucking along and I’m left in the dust of this month wondering where the heck April went? May and June are just as, if not more, busy for James and I. Rhys is a few days away from playing soccer three times a week (he’s thrilled) and I’m busy with coaching his team and helping to plan our 10 year reunion (eek! 10 years already!). I’ve also taken-up jogging (apparently Rhys has taken it up with me) again and am currently learning the ropes of how to be a Family Ministries Chairperson-lady in our church. Life seems full these days. It’s good. *I’m also trying to chip away at James’ resolve and convince him that we, in fact, do need to get a dog…he’s being rather stubborn about it*

I was driving downtown on my way to a meeting last night when I went to adjust my glasses, which isn’t anything out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary, however, was that upon reaching their desired destination further-up my nose the glasses broke, just like that. There I was trying to maneuver downtown traffic slightly blinded and very surprised (I don’t recommend it). I realize that my glasses were four years old and that I needed new ones, but I didn’t realize that I needed new ones THAT badly. Frazzled, I stopped for gas (which cost a small fortune) and ran into the store to quickly scotch tape them back together while trying to ward-off sideways glances from beer belly men. When I reached my meeting I found some masking tape and was able to do a better patch job but, OI!, did I feel like a nerd having my glasses held together with tape. Not really my THANG.

I rushed to the mall this morning to see what could be done and salvaged but alas, my faithful glasses were tossed in the trash, deemed unfixable by the sales staff. I was hoping that they would last until August when James policy kicks-in but clearly 4 months was too long to go with taped-up glasses. I have meetings and socials and weddings to attend and I don’t want to have masking tape be part of any outfit that I’ll be wearing. Thankfully Pearle Vision has a miniscule section of $99 glasses to choose from. I think I counted 10 pairs. So, out of the 10, these were the best. All they need to do is last until August. Oh, and help me to see.


(Yes, Ammie has a 6th sense for any sort of camera. When it’s turned on she come’s a’runnin’.)



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Spelling Bee.

Rhys: Mom, I can spell the word ‘name’!

Me: Really? Show me.

Rhys: N……N……A……er…..N…..A…..

Ammie: P!

Rhys: N…….A…….um…..

Ammie: R……B!

Rhys: N……A……M……er….

Ammie: K! 7!

Rhys: N-A-M-E!

Ammie: R…2….3!

Me: Good job….both of you.

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I woke-up in a fairly good mood this morning. I didn’t have to jump out of bed and rush around so I took my time waking up slowly. I felt like the day was going to be a good one. Then, about an hour after I crawled out of bed, a bomb was dropped and my stress levels shot through the roof. Through. The. Roof. Instant headache. Instant stress. Snappy mom.

After a little while of being depressed and mopey about the state of things these words popped into my head, and I’m glad they did. I’m not totally relaxed because of them, but my thoughts are focused on trusting Him instead of trying to find ways that I can fix the problem.

 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
   and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
   and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5 & 6 (NIV)


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Today I’m Singing…

I’m a bit of a songbird. I love music. I love to sing. I love singing this music (especially while doing the dishes).

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A Little Bit of Life.



{glitter ball}

{stick bugs}




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