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Wild Boar.

While waiting in the truck in the parking lot of Cabela’s.

Rhys: I want to go bear hunting with Dad.

Bria: One day you can. When you’re older.

Rhys: Sixteen?

Bria: Sure.

Ammie: Daddy should hunt a pig!

Bria: We don’t have wild pigs here. But there are places that have them. They’re called wild boar’s and they’re very vicious.

Rhys: What’s vicious?

Bria: Mean, angry, dangerous.

Rhys: I know how to kill a wild boar.

Bria: How?

Rhys: Well, I’d just shoot it right in the eyeball.

Bria: That might work.

Ammie: I’d shoot it in the tail!

Bria: (Trying not to laugh) Hmm, that might not work.

Rhys: I could hit it with a rock.

Bria: You’d have to have pretty good aim.

Rhys: What about a big rock?

Ammie: A HUGE rock!

Rhys: A rock that’s…54 feet tall!!!

Bria: Yup, that would kill it.

**I’m not kidding, my whole day is conversations like this.



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