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so THAT’S where ammie gets it from…

I am always amazed over how many times Amelia is able to hurt herself in any given day. It’s past the point of ridiculous. She’s been known to walk in a straight line on a clean floor and slip and fall. Clutz isn’t a strong enough word. I’ve always chalked this up to the fact that she’s growing too fast for her body/co-ordination to keep-up with. My ‘little’ three-and-a-half year-old girl is the same size as my five-and-a-half year-old. She gets looks and comments from friends and strangers like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve had parents at Rhys school think that she’s in Grade One. I suppose when you find yourself in the 110th percentile for height then all of this comes with the territory. She’s tall. She’s lanky. A Hippo has more grace than this little girl. I’m well aware of all of this.

What I wasn’t aware of was that I contributed to her ungracefulness. I went Cross-country Skiing yesterday for the first time since I was, roughly, eight. This used to be a family activity when I was growing-up. I figured since I grew-up skiing (both downhill and cross-country) that I would be fine. Nope. I fell 5 times on the track and once afterwards (when I was wearing my boots). I’m all aches and pains today.

Embarrassing as it was to be so clumsy while everyone else managed to stay upright, we did laugh a lot (…at my expense).


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And My Soul Thirsts – Part One.

I sat down in the morning sun with a cup of steaming coffee in my hand and I opened-up my bible.

I felt so much better after doing a lectio divina with a passage from Psalms. Amazing. Refreshing. Calming. Convicting. Comforting. Clarifying. Life-giving.

I opened-up my devotional. The same devotional that I’ve had from before Ammie was born, A Prayer Journey with the Apostle Paul. I still hadn’t made it even a quarter of the way through the book. I picked-up from where I’d left off…right at the beginning of Paul’s conversion. Amazing. Refreshing. Calming. Convicting. Comforting. Clarifying. Life-giving.

I pushed my books aside and bowed my head. There were a number of people who had been on my heart so I brought them, one-by-one, before the Lord. I thought about the passage I’d read and the devotion I did. I thought about Saul’s conversion to Paul. I thought about God’s grace and love and His wonderful hand of providence. I thanked Him for these. Amazing. Refreshing. Calming. Convicting. Comforting. Clarifying. Life-giving.

That was Monday morning.

I sat in church on Sunday and wondered what had happened. Why did I feel so dry and distant? I was a touch on the angry side. I’d been fighting a conviction for a few months and I didn’t want to admit it. He was trying to speak and I knew it, but I didn’t want to change. “I’ve changed enough” I reasoned, “I’ve come so far”. It had been months since I’d sat and spent time with Him. Months since I’d given Him my quieted attention. Months since I’d given him room to speak and to guide me. Sure I’d shoot Him a prayer here and there. Sure I’d spend time kind-of thinking about my spiritual walk. A prayer here and there and a random thought aren’t enough to feed me. My cup was drying-up.

The reason? Things were fine.

I find it so easy to draw close to God when I’m in crisis or when I’m stressed. It’s logical. He is a savior and I’m in need of saving. It makes sense. What I find extremely difficult is to draw close to him when life is truckin’ along; kids are good, marriage is great, life is (for the most part) grand. Certain things here and there could use some improvement but in the overall grand scheme of things life is humming along, just peachy.

After years of living in crisis and not knowing what was going on and why things were happening the way that there were I think that my spiritual walk was almost a survival tactic for me. I needed it to stay afloat. Which is fine. When you’re in the midst of a storm you need to cling to what will cover you and give you guidance. You keep your eyes fixed on the light from the lighthouse. I got used to this. I got used to seeking God in the midst of chaos.

Now that our lives have calmed down it’s as though I’m re-learning how to follow God on a straight, sometimes bumpy, road instead of the switchback that I had grown so accustom to.


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James and I watched A&E’s Hoarders for the first time yesterday. I had heard about this show from a number of people but I’d never actually seen it. Wow. I had my hand covering my mouth for most of the time, hiding my disgust and surprise. If you haven’t seen it…well, I’m not sure you should. Unless you’re messy, then watch it and channel some cleaning motivation from the professional organizers that come into tackle these disturbed people’s homes.

Going to bed last night I must have asked James a dozen times if I was a hoarder. I’m not. Not even close. I do have some messy places and, at times, they spill out into the rest of the house but I’m not like that. I vacuum. I sweep. I have a diningroom table that my family eats their food on! Clutter and mess irritate me, I just don’t always have the energy or motivation to deal with it.

This morning I woke-up with a new resolve. I put some laundry in, cleaned the laundry room, cleaned the kitchen, fed the kids and then sat down to fold a bunch of clothes. Afterwards I switched the laundry, cleaned the kitchen (yes, it gets messy that fast), cleaned my bedroom, cleaned the bathroom and switched the laundry again. Watching the show gave me even more resolve to continue on in my quest for simplifying what comes in to (and stays) in our home. I feel like I’m on the right track. I’ve already come so far in the past few years. And now I have a secret weapon to get me focused…Hoarders.

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Trash Track.

A follow-up from this post.

I still have garbage, bags of garbage, getting picked-up once a week from my back lane. I haven’t completely overhauled my way of living/shopping since writing my last post on being waste free. I have good intentions and aspire to be less cluttered but it seems like a change that takes place over time. You need to find a groove for what works for your household.

One thing that I did do was eliminate bags and bags and boxes upon boxes of junk lying around our home. I spent time going through the children’s toys, my clothes, the ‘dumping’ room and came up with about 15 bags to go to the thrift store. James and I decided to widdle the children’s toys down to one bin for Rhys, one bin for Amelia and one bin for mutual toys (although this doesn’t include Lego, books and crafts). I couldn’t believe how much stuff we’d been holding on to. Since getting rid of 2/3 of their toys the kids haven’t complained once. In fact, they still probably have too many toys. It felt good to do some purging.

My next project is tackling our storage room. It’s a big job and I’ll probably do it when it’s warm enough to haul a bunch of it outside. I’m also hoping to rethink the way we buy groceries (possibly using the jar system from the article I posted about on Waste Free – link is at the top of the page).

I heard about this Trash Track project and felt like it really drives the point home. Watch it (…and careful that your jaw doesn’t smack the table too hard). This was good for me to see and I hope it has some affect on what type of consumer you are.


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Everything Nice – Relief Prints.


New post on Everything Nice! Enjoy!

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When you live with a girl who loves cats…

1. You’re always playing the game “Cats”.

2. You find cats stuffed into socks.

3. The cats are read to on a regular basis.

4. Stuffed cats and plastic cats become new decorations thoughtfully placed around the house.

5. The cats are carefully tucked in to their beds.

6. Any article of clothing with a cat on it is worn regularly (and if it’s pink with a cat on it…)

7. You’re always stepping on strays.

8. You find pictures of cats on your camera.

9. You find yourself having conversations which include arguments like,

“No sweetheart, your daddy is not going to be building you a little house in our backyard just so you can live in there with a real cat…”

10. Guests are suckered-in and start playing the game “Cats”.

11. She often communicates in scratches and “meow’s”.

12.  She dreams about God playing with cats.


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Pomplamoose Music.

I was introduced to these guys a few months ago and while I really enjoy their unique style I find her eyes a bit bothersome. Too piercing. Anyways, have a listen and let me know what you think!


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