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my new mantra.

James and I had the privilege of attending his youngest sisters baptism yesterday morning. Alongside Chelsea there were seven others who shared their testimonies and ‘took the plunge’ in front of hundreds of people, letting the congregation know that they too were followers of Christ. I’ve seen numerous baptisms since being brought up in a Christian home and generally accepted this was something that was done when a Christian decided to follow Christ full-hearted, whether young or old. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started becoming emotional during these events, possibly because I had such an incredible experience surrounding my baptism (but that’s another story for another post). Regardless of what has triggered me into becoming a blubbering mess during these confessions of faith, I was quite moved by yesterday’s service (to the point that I was biting my tongue to keep from experiencing more that just a chin-quiver). Every testimony and baptism was touching and special in it’s own right, but it was actually a verse that a young man read that had me the most moved and affected to the point that I was positive it was being read to me. The verse came from John 16:33 and it reads,

“In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart!
I have overcome the world.”

It would be no stretch for me to say that since James has been laid off each month has been more financially and emotionally taxing than the last. I am hoping that with James now getting steady work with a good company we will enter into a more restful time, but my nerves are already shot and I’m so easily stressed by the smallest things. However, with all of this trouble whirling around me, I know that God is working in my heart and I know that there have been specific words/books/people/situations that are causing me to think twice and change my attitudes towards so many things. One book that has been a rather unexpected eye-opener is Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig which is an account of how the 24-7 prayer movement began and how it is awakening a whole generation of young people. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend picking it up and reading account after account of the power that prayer has. Truly incredible. Anyways, the words that were read yesterday have caused me to stop and re-examine my worry and stress. Obviously I can’t rid my life of conflict and trouble, but why not cast my cares on the one who has already overcome the world? There isn’t a long enough vacation or large enough pile of money that could bring that much peace to my soul.

When I came back from YWAM in Australia I started experiencing significant twists and turns/highs and lows in my life; some easy to deal with and some…not so much. James gave me a verse soon after I came back which has become my ‘recite50milliontimesaweeksoIdon’tloosemymindandgopostal’ verse. It is Psalm 27:5, and it reads, “For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle and set me high upon a rock.” While I LOVE these words and while they’ve gotten me through many dark and lonely days (and I’m sure I’ll still be flipping to them over and over), I think it’s time to move on. I feel that God is telling me, through a series of events, to focus on Him overcoming and that I too can overcome, not just hide away. I think it’s time to make John 16:33 my new mantra.

And while I’m on that topic, what is your verse or mantra that gets you through?

{p.s. i’m officially done my year of thrifting!}


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i ♥ yoga.

{trying to set a good example}


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bread and daisies.

As I watch these two little hearts grow everyday I am left with a desire instill in them things that are precious to my heart. The list is quite long but there are two gems that are very close to the top; gardening and baking. I don’t know what it is, and call me silly for saying it if you so please, but there’s just something about gardener’s and baker’s…they’ve got a sparkle in their eye, a certain beat in their heart and perpetually dirty hands (at least I have dirty hands when I bake). It might be from creating things and tending things or even taking the time to do something beautiful and tasty, but there’s something different about ’em. I hope to leave my kids with a set of skills that enables them to do both of these. There’s nothing like giving someone a loaf of freshly baked bread or a vase of home grown daisies.

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fill my cup.

{Rhys and Ammie have a sprinkler pad in our yard where they are now spending the majority of their summer days. They are quite funny to watch, with their silly toddler antics and all.}

I had just sat down on my cozy patio chair all ready to snuggle up to a new book when Ammie ran up to me asking for some juice. I was rather hesitant to the idea of marching back inside the house , so I handed her a cup from the table and told her to fill it up with her sprinkler. She got excited and ran over to the pad. Having seen this, Rhys grabbed his cup off of the table and followed suit. Being almost four Rhys fully understands how to fill up a cup from a stream of water. Being almost two , Ammie does not. She took her cup and placed it on top of the stream, then checked to see if she got any in by tipping it over and looking inside. This was repeated enough times for her to get annoyed and for me to solicit Rhys’ help. I asked Rhys to ask Ammie if she would like Rhys to fill up the cup for her. So he asked. Amelia screamed and ran away with a firm toddler grasp on the cup, only to come back and try, rather unsuccessfully, again. She didn’t want her big brother touching her cup…she wanted to do it herself. Rhys offered his help again. She ran away again. Then she tried again. And she failed again. She got frustrated again. She screamed again. He offered again. Ammie would not let Rhys fill her cup with a refreshing drink of cool water. She just wouldn’t give it over. It was a hot day, and she needed the sip.

As I watched this scene unfold before me I couldn’t help but notice how similar I am to my stubborn little girl. I hold my ‘cup’ with such a tight grasp and I want it filled up with patience, grace, and love. I try and try and try to fill it myself, even though I don’t have the strength or the power or the wisdom. Even when help is right beside me…being offered! God stands there wanting me to pass him my cup so I don’t have to run on empty, but all too often I just run away and try to do it myself like a stubborn toddler.

Within a few moments Ammie figured out how to fill her own cup. She decided to just watch and learn so I supposed that’s where my analogy stops. Even so, the whole scene stuck in my mind for long enough that a prayer was made and my heart was affected (and I’m pretty sure that’s what counts).


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cross it off.

{photo taken by Dan Neufeld. found here}

I’m not even sure words can properly describe what I felt about Monday night. I had fairly high expectations about seeing Coldplay in concert because I’ve seen a number of videos of them playing live shows and heard from others who’ve attended their concerts that it’s an amazing experience, so naturally I was expecting to be blown away. Well, the band went so over and above what I was anticipating that I’m left rather speechless other than to say it was one of the best nights of my life. It was like going to the happiest most wonderful birthday party in the whole world. That sounds so cheesy, but James and I talked at length about how joyful we felt after we left. Our jubilation could have been brought on by their set list (they played every song I was hoping to hear, including ‘Fix You’ and ‘The Scientist’), it could have been the massive yellow balloons that were thrown into the crowd during their song ‘Yellow’ (which burst, issuing forth small clouds of confetti at the songs conclusion {video of balloons found above this post}), it may possibly have been their acoustic set played on a small stage at the back of the arena in which they sang our song ‘Green Eyes’…or it could have been the whole darn thing! It was seriously that good. I’m also glad that I attended the show with James and my brother-in-law Garrett, both of whom sang along louder than I did. Those of you who’ve read my ‘Bria’s Bucket List’ post might remember that attending a Coldplay concert was definitely one of the things that I wanted to do before I died. CROSS IT OFF!
Now I’ll need to decided what should be crossed off next…go Skydiving???


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things that make me smile.

{being friends}
{gerber daisies}
{early morning studies}

{my superheros}

{stolen kisses}

{babies in bonnets}


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random bria – i am a busy bee.

I recently noticed my friends status update on Facebook read, ‘Jane (name is changed) is looking forward to going on maternity leave in two weeks!’ One of her friends had left a comment underneath the status saying, ‘Gee, I wish I could go on a vacation for 9 months!’ I was disgusted that someone out there thinks that maternity leave and staying at home with your children is a vacation! Sure, it’s not conventional work…you don’t have a boss, you don’t have deadlines, you don’t have to hand in TPS reports, but BY GOLLY IT’S STILL WORK! So in celebration of being a stay at home mom I am giving you a list of things that I’ve accomplished by 10:30 today. Here you go:

(in no particular order)
  • packed up all of the garbage and recycling and put it out
  • made muffins
  • set-up a tea party for Rhys and his imaginary jousting friends
  • made coffee and then had a cup with James
  • pondered what it means to be a godly woman
  • fed the kids
  • made soup
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • cleaned-up the tea party
  • folded some laundry
  • thought about the characters in the book I’m currently reading
  • got the kids dressed
  • taught Rhys how to properly wash dishes
  • got myself dressed and ready for the day
  • called my sister and my mother and asked them questions about soup-making
  • and, finally, wrote this blog!

There you go! All by 10:30.


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