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Ten Years

Come October 16th, James and I will have been married for ten years. Ten years! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were anxiously putting the finishing touches on our big day, but pictures don’t lie. Yes, ten years have passed. We are no longer the little baby-faced immature kids that dove into marriage somewhat blindly. We are now the not-so-little (c’mon, I’ve had three kids) starting-to-wrinkle not-much-closer-to-mature 30-somethings that trudge through parenting completely blindly. However, we are still in love and that, my friends and readers, is something to celebrate. So celebrate we did!

Soon after we got married way back in 2004 I had a thought. “Bria” I said to myself, “If you make it 10 years, you should do a vow renewal because that’s something to be proud of.” James and I both come from ‘broken’ homes, so every milestone in marriage is important to us. A few years ago, when my belly was full with baby #3, I attended my step-sister-in-law’s ten year vow renewal and it was beautiful. Right then and there it solidified in my mind that it was something that needed to happen for James and I.

Earlier this year I started sorting the details out and slowly the ball started rolling with planning our anniversary party. The closer it got, the more nervous I became. Last week I was totally regretting ever planning it. A friend pointed out that I was just like a jittery bride. That made me smile. I suppose I was. I wanted everything to come together. It wasn’t anything fancy, but I just wanted our family and close friends to show-up and have a good time. We planned it for this past weekend because we have another wedding to be at in a couple of weeks and with James all-over-the-place schedule, this is what worked.


The weather was wet and cold, but our hearts were full and happy. We packed everyone into my mother’s house, filled it with wine and beer and delicious food, said some very teary-eyed things to each other and our kids and everyone there and went on to have a grand old-time. I even sang a song…after some of the crowd had left of course.

When it was all said and done, I was glad we decided to celebrate. The past ten years haven’t been easy. They’ve been trying and difficult and all over the map. Both James and I wanted to have something to recognize how far we’d come, where we are at right now and where we would like to go as a couple and as a family. I think this was a great way to do just that.

It’s good to take time to celebrate love and life and family. We need to be reminded of why we do what we do day-in and day-out. We need to be reminded of why we work through the valleys and the really hard times. It’s so that we can get to those mountain tops, take a big breath and see the spectacular view of the life God has given us and appreciate the fact that we did it, together.


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Today was a good day.

Pretty skirt. Starbucks. Target. Green house. Smoke’s Poutinerie.

Yard work. Relaxing in the shade. Sprinkler.

BBQ with corn on the cob. The White Stripes.

All with James.

Days like these make up for all of the hard ones.

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My husband is really into all things tactical and practical. If you ever find yourself stranded or in an emergency, he’d be the guy you’d want with you. He carries around a backpack that’s fully equipped for practically every situation you could imagine (and yes, it does have the world’s smallest survival kit in it). Lately he likes looking at those Every Day Carry (EDC) blogs. At first I thought it was pretty ridiculous, but then I started seeing all the neat little  things people feel they need on their person and it became interesting to see what different people carry around with them. It’s kind-of a little glimpse into ones personality, I think.

I thought it would be a bit funny to do one on here. So, without further apologizing for my silliness, here is Bria’s EDC:



(I tried to organize it in columns…but do your best to follow along)

  • House key, car key and our SUV key, held together by a carabiner (because those come in handy) along with a Rainbow Loom key chain made by my daughter and a paracord key chain made by my husband (which can come apart and has multiple survival uses)
  • Wallet (no, I’m not going to go through all of my change and cards…but I am hoping to get a leather one soon)
  • Sunglasses
  • Buck knife which is always clipped on the outer pocket of my bag for easy access (Edit: Model 327 Buck Nobleman with Titanium coated stainless steel handle which was a gift from my sister for being her Maid-of-Honor).
  • Coffee hook (hooks underneath of your coffee sleeve and then hooks onto your shopping cart).
  • Flashlight
  • 3 pens (one for me and one for each of our older children)
  • Black travel make-up case (everything else listed from now on fits nicely inside of it)
  • Advil
  • Bath & BodyWorks honey vanilla lotion
  • Instant Coffee (Starbucks VIA…you never know when you’ll need a coffee)
  • Band-Aid’s (Amelia is my daughter, enough said).
  • Ricola cough drops
  • Another knife…just because
  • Burts Bees lip-gloss, Lip Smackers Dr.Pepper lip-gloss, Lipstick (Elizabeth Arden in Perfect Melon)
  • Nail clippers
  • Tampon (a girl’s gotta be prepared)
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume
  • Hello Kitty lip-gloss (Amelia’s)
  • Mints from the Wynn in Vegas
  • Floss

Not Shown: iPhone, reusable cloth bags that I usually stuff inside, a toque, a notebook, and the paperwork for my non-restricted firearms license that I still haven’t taken out of my bag and should really send away for.

All of which is carried in the medium Tobacco coloured Leather Satchel (which converts quickly and easily into a backpack) made by Saddleback Leather. You should really check them out. For real. We have a number of their products (my bag, a few leather pouches and our iPad case) and they really do make the best leather products.

So that’s that. My EDC. Maybe not full of cool gear like everyone else’s, but it’s what I need for being a busy mother of three on-the-go! So, is anyone else is brave enough to dump the contents of their bag or purse?


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This Girl

Who has an amazingly awesome husband?

This girl!

Who gets to celebrate their 30th birthday and 9th anniversary with a surprise trip to Vegas?

This girl!

Who is beyond excited to spend six days on an actual child-free vacation?


(Seriously though, what a guy! All I have to do is pack a bag because he took care of everything else! Eeek! I can’t wait.)

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The Grumpy Bear.

After a rather busy day taking Rhys to soccer and having a wedding shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law, I was hoping to be able to sleep-in a little bit this morning. After tucking the kids in last night I gently reminded them that they could sleep-in and if they wanted to wake-up they could watch some TV quietly.

Amelia’s eyes popped open bright and early. Her body hasn’t adjusted to the time change yet. She looked out the window staring at the blanket of snow for a while and she played with her toys for a little bit longer, but she couldn’t ignore the grumbling in her tummy.

I woke-up to her standing right beside me holding her blanket and Hello Kitty. She wanted in. Her feet were cold.

I slid over and we cuddled for all of two seconds before she started playing with my hands and the covers and chatting me up about the baby and the snow. “Have you seen the snow mom? There’s a lot! You should see the backyard. It’s all white. Do you want to see the snow? I’ll open your curtains. See? How big is the baby’s pinkie finger? How big is the baby’s little toe? How big are the baby’s feet? I think it’s a girl. We should name it Star-power. It might come out today.” And on and on and on. She is a girl after-all.

The most important question was finally asked, “What’s for breakfast?”

I relented and got up as she went downstairs. I turned and asked James, “Why doesn’t she ever go to your side of the bed?”

He growled back from under the heavy duvet, “Because this side is grumpier!”


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you know he’s a good daddy when…


he picks her up and dances around the house while wearing the ladybug wings (just as she requested).


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A Little Bit of Life.


{we’ve been going on LOT’S of bike rides}

{i’ve taken-up jogging (again) and have joined a 30 day fitness challenge with a few other people…i’m a bit tired from all the running and working out but I feel great and am inspired to continue on}

{listening to lot’s of good music while I run}

{ammie is going through a ‘helper’ stage…i love it}

{rhys has soccer 3 times a week right now and i’m an assistant coach so we’re out on the field a lot}

{one of my favorite parts of the day is when james gets home and tells me what he’s been up to. his days are filled with hilarious stories, rigorous training, and lot’s of studying. he’s leading a very interesting life these days}

{oh, and that little Lego cop is my key chain}


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