Rain Day

Comfy bed – check

Library book – check

Slouchy sweater – check

Fresh coffee – check

imageIdyllic, isn’t it? Maybe just for an introvert like me.

It’s been a rainy day. It’s been a rainy week actually, figuratively speaking. I’ve been so stressed that I’m starting to feel it take it’s toll on me physically. When I was growing up I had stress induced heart palpitations and now, into my adult years, I get a racing heart and difficulty getting big deep breaths when I feel too anxious or down for too long. If only it presented in losing weight and having boundless amounts of energy. I should probably do some yoga, or drink some Gin. Or do both, at the same time.

Ah well. Summer is just around the corner and hopefully that means a whole bunch of nothing. I pulled the kids out of school and took them to the beach this week. It was nice to get a change of scenery for a couple of days and get our feet all covered in sand. We didn’t make it to soccer this morning either as everyone was too exhausted and no one wanted to brave the wind and rain.

I do hope summer brings with it a slower lackadaisical pace. I could use that right about now.



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