My husband is really into all things tactical and practical. If you ever find yourself stranded or in an emergency, he’d be the guy you’d want with you. He carries around a backpack that’s fully equipped for practically every situation you could imagine (and yes, it does have the world’s smallest survival kit in it). Lately he likes looking at those Every Day Carry (EDC) blogs. At first I thought it was pretty ridiculous, but then I started seeing all the neat little  things people feel they need on their person and it became interesting to see what different people carry around with them. It’s kind-of a little glimpse into ones personality, I think.

I thought it would be a bit funny to do one on here. So, without further apologizing for my silliness, here is Bria’s EDC:



(I tried to organize it in columns…but do your best to follow along)

  • House key, car key and our SUV key, held together by a carabiner (because those come in handy) along with a Rainbow Loom key chain made by my daughter and a paracord key chain made by my husband (which can come apart and has multiple survival uses)
  • Wallet (no, I’m not going to go through all of my change and cards…but I am hoping to get a leather one soon)
  • Sunglasses
  • Buck knife which is always clipped on the outer pocket of my bag for easy access (Edit: Model 327 Buck Nobleman with Titanium coated stainless steel handle which was a gift from my sister for being her Maid-of-Honor).
  • Coffee hook (hooks underneath of your coffee sleeve and then hooks onto your shopping cart).
  • Flashlight
  • 3 pens (one for me and one for each of our older children)
  • Black travel make-up case (everything else listed from now on fits nicely inside of it)
  • Advil
  • Bath & BodyWorks honey vanilla lotion
  • Instant Coffee (Starbucks VIA…you never know when you’ll need a coffee)
  • Band-Aid’s (Amelia is my daughter, enough said).
  • Ricola cough drops
  • Another knife…just because
  • Burts Bees lip-gloss, Lip Smackers Dr.Pepper lip-gloss, Lipstick (Elizabeth Arden in Perfect Melon)
  • Nail clippers
  • Tampon (a girl’s gotta be prepared)
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume
  • Hello Kitty lip-gloss (Amelia’s)
  • Mints from the Wynn in Vegas
  • Floss

Not Shown: iPhone, reusable cloth bags that I usually stuff inside, a toque, a notebook, and the paperwork for my non-restricted firearms license that I still haven’t taken out of my bag and should really send away for.

All of which is carried in the medium Tobacco coloured Leather Satchel (which converts quickly and easily into a backpack) made by Saddleback Leather. You should really check them out. For real. We have a number of their products (my bag, a few leather pouches and our iPad case) and they really do make the best leather products.

So that’s that. My EDC. Maybe not full of cool gear like everyone else’s, but it’s what I need for being a busy mother of three on-the-go! So, is anyone else is brave enough to dump the contents of their bag or purse?



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12 responses to “My EDC

  1. This is actually really interesting. It’s a great snapshot of a person.

    Since I can’t leave a photo reply I’m going to make an itemized list:
    – House Keys
    – MetroCard
    – Wallet
    – Moleskine journal, ruled, soft cover.
    – (2) Ticonderoga #2, soft lead, black exterior pencils
    – A make up bag including: Origins compact, Origins Plum Punch Lip Gloss, Origins Lipsticks (“Pink Lemonade” and “Brilliant Bronze”), Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Maybelline Baby Lips Chapstick, a hair tie, five bobbie pins, and a hair clip
    – “The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards” by Kristopher Jansma
    – A pile of sticky notes and scrap paper with my notes on them
    – One Excedrin
    – Glasses Case
    – Sunglasses
    -iPhone Charger

    • That’s great! It is a great snapshot, isn’t it? A little peek into someone’s world. I didn’t mention that I have a few bobbie pins too, and I do carry a bit of make-up and my charger if I’m going to be gone from the house for quite awhile. I can’t wait until I can carry around a book to read, a sketchbook and some pencils. Maybe when my kids are older. There isn’t much time for those with an 18 month old running around everywhere! Cheers.

  2. Woot! This is great, Bria!! I love organizing ideas and lists and tips like this. Thanks loads. Great ideas!
    My satchel isn’t super large, and I – thus far – have lacked to foresight to always have a pen, always have lip gloss, etc. (does this say something about MY personality? Likely a lot), but lately what’s been in my satchel is:
    – wallet (Kenneth Cole leather one – black. Love it.)
    – napkins
    – granola bar
    – tic tacs
    – ginger candies to suck on (can you tell I am a snacky girl!? I love eating and sharing snacks.)
    – crackers (“cakas”) in a reusable cloth zippy
    – diaper and wipes in a reusable waterproof bag
    – cell phone
    – sunglasses case
    – sippy cup hanging off the side

    • Haha! I suppose it would say something about your personality! I like that you have napkins and a granola bar but no pens. That’s awesome. When Ethan starts drawing you’ll for sure have one on you at all times. And the first thing that I thought when I saw ginger candies is that those are good for morning sickness…so….???

      I have a little backpack for Eli that has diapers, wipes, change of clothes (which is currently a Led Zeppelin t-shirt), his sippy cup and a few toys…sometimes a snack.

      • Haha! Said as one who knows. You’re right, they are good for morning sickness, or any kind of nausea, actually (I get motion sick super easily, unfortunately… like even at the movies! Or randomly in the car. Or playing video games.) And I’m actually one of the crazies who loves ginger candies any time. My grandma bought me them as a kid and I’ve always felt a nostalgic affinity for them, I guess. I’m so fond, in fact, that a friend of mine mailed me a crazy expensive bag of them!!

  3. nathan

    Guy with no kids so it’s super simple:

    Wallet (cash/credit/debit/loyalty cards/etc..)
    iPhone w/ headphones (gotta have my podcasts)
    Car keys
    House/office keys

    I have my car & house keys on separate keychains and I’ll leave the car keys at home if I’m going for a walk, I may be a minimalist.

    I’m looking forward to when I can pay for everything on my phone so I can leave my wallet at home.

    • Awesome! I really like the idea of paying for everything with my phone, but I do well working with cash for budgeting purposes. What I would like, however, is everyone getting on board with e-mailing receipts. Those clutter my wallet and bag like no-one’s business. I find that I don’t carry headphones with me unless we are going on a road trip and only then are they for the kids to use. But I am looking forward to the day where I can tune out my children and tune into music and podcasts while I go about my day (not to say there isn’t a heck of a lot of Del Barber being playing and How Stuff Works being listened to over here…)

  4. Candice S

    Love this! My bag:

    Can opener (because the one here at work broke)
    Swiss Army Knife
    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Blackberry whatever this phone for work is called (yes, I have to carry 2 phones and I am on-call 24/7)
    Headphones for my Samsung
    Work identification
    EOS lip balm in mint
    Ruled notebook
    About 12 pens (because everytime I leave work for one of the sites, I grab ANOTHER pen in case I need it…I’m sure they’re wondering why office supplies expenses are up so much since I started)
    Fall/Winter edition of the Show & Save
    Spring/Summer edition of the Show & Save (evidently I am VERY cheap seeing as I carry two of them)
    Mac Lipgloss
    Miscellaneous hair ties, barettes & bobby pins for Jessica
    Bandaids (my daughter is friends with Ammie 🙂 just kidding – she’s just a lot like Ammie)
    Loose change
    Oh! And look! More pens!

    • Man, you’re purse must weigh a tonne! And I bet you could do a lot of damage with a can opener if need be! Haha. Do you like the EOS lipgloss? James HATES the Dr. Pepper one that I always wear and I’ve been thinking of trying a different kind. I’m not a huge fan of the Burts Bees for wearing multiple times a day it’s too…cakey?

      • AH! *Your NOT You’re!!

      • Candice S

        Yes it weighs a ton! Until very recently, it also usually had my Let’s Go 66 New Testament in it. I’m back down to the Bible on my phone. So my purse feels light by comparison. I love the EOS and I don’t usually like lip glosses so that’s saying a lot. I find it light and very minty…not sure what other flavors are like.

    • Candice S

      Wait! I just read that…I wasn’t kidding about my daughter being friends with Ammie! They are friends. I was only kidding about carrying bandaids for Ammie! I carry them for Jess just like you carry them for Ammie!

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