Carry On

There are days and weeks and months that feel like no matter where you look everything is messy, no matter what direction you face things feel hard. Every part of life is turned over and upside down and frustrating. There isn’t one thing that is spared.

I’d like to say I’m going through one of those weeks but if I’m totally honest, it’s been dragging on for months (possibly years). I’m exhausted and weary. I want to kick and scream and blow things up but I just keep on trucking. What else can you do?

I’m sure that part of it is having young kids, part of it is being a single income family and part of it is…a million other things, but the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back is this stupid kitchen drain. Two and a half weeks without my sink and dishwasher draining properly (read: at all). I had been trying very hard (and succeeding) to get into good habits with my housework and my food prep but this has totally and completely derailed me. All gumption to do anything even remotely productive has drifted away and I’m left to pout in pity-party land.

Sigh. I went a long time without a dishwasher. I can do this.

Breathe. Chin-up. Carry on.



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One response to “Carry On

  1. dana

    sigh…i hear ya! hang in there. spring is coming, that always seems to give me a new outlook on life.
    side note: i had to laugh…the ‘ad’ at the bottom of your blog is a castle being attacked, and is in process of blowing up. some sort of video game…thought it seemed too fitting with your post! 🙂

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