Colourful Kids

One thing that I’ve seen develop as my children have grown over the years, and that I can say with the utmost confidence, is that my children are colourful. They both have a strong penchant for being their own person; not caring so much what other people are doing or saying. This was very apparent to me when they came out of their rooms this morning. Amelia was dressed like Cyndi Lauper (again) and Rhys was dressed like Micheal Jackson (again).


On Friday after school Rhys told me that he needed to do a short biography presentation on Monday morning. I asked him who he’d like to pick and, without missing a beat, he said Micheal Jackson or Elvis. I thought both of those would be good candidates but was curious what kinds of people other kids have done thus far. Apparently, the other students mainly do biographies on each other. But no, Rhys needs to do something different.

So he went about finding some information on MJ and put together a short biography including a website where the kids can listening to his favourite song, Billie Jean, and watch the King of Pop do the moon walk. I figured his presentation would end there, until he came out of his room this morning all dressed-up and dancing around doing the best Micheal Jackson impression he could muster. I guess he figured a visual component would compliment his biography.

I’m very excited to see clear displays of my children choosing to walk their own path, adding in their own flavors to their day to day life. I will always encourage it. I will always be proud of it. My hope and prayer is that they become confident and happy adults capable of great things because of it.


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  1. ADC

    How I love to hear how incredible Rhys and Amie are. Undoubtedly they have keen minds and a flair for being expressive and creative. I am always amazed to see family traits that I first heard of in your Great Aunt Mary (Great Grandma’s sister) continue through the generations.

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