no-brain·er (nō′brā′nər)

n. Informal

Something so simple or easy as to require no thought.

I live a block and a half from a curling club and until this winter I’d never thought much about it.

A few years ago we were invited to a curling birthday party for my father-in-law. Rhys and Amelia were instantly hooked. It was only the second time I’d attempted, what I like to call, ice bowling (because that’s the extent of my knowledge and experience…throw a rock down an ice lane and knock a bunch of other rocks out of the way) but my husband curled a little bit while growing-up (and I must be a true Canadian because I remember thinking repeatedly that he looked really hot while curling at the birthday party).

Last winter I became aware that there were curling classes for kids and this winter I decided to enroll Rhys and Amelia. They were ecstatic. For two months I’d walk them over and sit in front of the window on the first level of the club and watch them slip all over the ice (actually Amelia slipped all over the ice, Rhys was bumped up an age bracket because he caught-on so fast). Then, after two months, they had their Christmas party on the second level and my mind was blown…they have a huge second level with tables and chairs and a dance floor and TV’s and a bar!!

So let me get this straight…what they’re saying is that I can pay $60 for Rhys and $45 for Amelia (because she’s a sibling) for them to go and be supervised while having a hoot for an hour, they get snacks after each session, a Christmas party, a wind-up party, $25 in gift certificates for the curling store (each), I can go and sit and get myself a rum and coke and all of this is only a block and a half away from our house!?

That folks, is what I call a no-brainer.


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