I’m Exhausted

I woke-up early to my alarm and, much to the protesting of my body, hauled myself out of bed. I shuffled downstairs to get the baby, sleepily wrestling with the arms of a cozy sweater. He was lying down but wide-eyed and happy to see me. Amelia popped up from under her covers and yelled, “BOO!”

Hooray, she’s awake.

I changed Eli and helped Amelia get some clothes out to wear to school and attached an oversized flower to the top of her head. Off to the kitchen.

This is how my next two hours played out:

Argue with Amelia about what she’s going to be eating today.

Rhys wakes up.

Give Eli a bottle.

Argue with Amelia over the fact that she can’t bring a camping chair upstairs to sit on in the middle of the room.

Watch as Amelia does some weird interpretive dance to the words ‘Deep Freeze’.

Make lunches.

Make breakfasts.

Insist that Amelia does, in fact, like peach yoghurt and that for years it was the only flavour she would eat and demand that she choke it down before she drives me crazy.

Sit down to feed Eli and myself and keep Rhys and Amelia focused on getting food into their mouths.

Tell the kids a gazillion times to clear their dishes.

Hose down the baby and get him playing with some toys.

Clean-up the kitchen mess while making sure the other two are brushing their teeth and doing their hair.

*Sniff-sniff* Change Eli again (I think a skunk died in that diaper).

Make sure the kids are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Send them on their way and put Eli at the front window to watch them and the bus.

Make coffee.

Clean out dishwasher.

Load dishwasher.

*Sniff-sniff* Change Eli again and put him down for a nap (after looking high and low for my phone which he hid in his toy bin).

Get dressed and un-zombify myself.

Throw some laundry in.

Sit down to my now tepid cup of coffee.

And I wonder why I’m exhausted by 10:00 in the morning!?


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