I’ve Arrived (read: I’ve been booted off the 20’s party bus)

So this is it. I’m finally here.


It simultaneously feels weird and strange and like nothing at all. I’m now officially grown up…or at least I should be. There’s no pretending, no falling back on twenty-something excuses. The welcome and dreaded change has come.

My 30’s commenced with me wearing my pj’s, accessorized with a friendship bracelet, a Hello Kitty tattoo and a having a venue stamp on my hand from a Leif Vollebekk concert a few nights before. I woke-up too early to a baby who needed to be fed. I was promptly barfed on. James ordered me to go back to bed (where I perused glorious Pinterest home decor) so he and the kids could bring me cards, coffee and a muffin with a candle in it. Eli was furious that he couldn’t eat the muffin and Amelia’s card read, “I love you soy moth”. Nothing has changed.

Today I feel the same as I did yesterday, and the year before and the year before that. I feel like I’m trying, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing, to navigate life while taking care of my family.

Looking forward to the next decade of my life is exciting. I’ve started a 30’s bucket list of things that I’ve always wanted to do or try (or do again). I’m hopeful that these next years are going to be great.

I won’t settle for life just passing by when there are so many adventures to be had. The fun doesn’t stop when you reach a certain number.


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