A Conversation with my Inner Self

The title of my post is slightly misleading. I suppose it would be more acurate to say that this is an inner dialoge between Me, Myself (my negative inner voice) and I (my positive inner voice). I’ve had a lot rumbling around in my head (that’s not out of the ordinary though, is it?) and it goes a little something like this (try to keep up, I’m unleashing some serious crazy on you right now):

Me: Oh my GOSH! {Flops on the couch} I’m almost 30!

Myself: I know! Didn’t I say I’d “be in the best shape of my life before I turn 30”? {Eyeballs my body} That didn’t happen.

Me: I did say that…I mean, I did just have a baby 10 months ago.

I: Ya, c’mon! I look great for having 3 kids.

Me: I DO look great for having 3 kids. But, I should really work-out more and eat better.

Myself: Ya, you should get on that right about…6 months ago!

Me: I need to do something with myself. I can’t believe I’m almost 3o and I haven’t done anything with my life.

I: Um, I had 3 kids. Remember the 3 kids I had?

Myself: Whatever, everyone has kids.

Me: It’s true, lot’s of people have kids. That’s not all that special.

I: I think it’s pretty special! Look at how great they are. I’m doing a pretty good job of raising them and it’s hasn’t been a walk in the park either.

Myself: But I’m just a stay-at-home mom. You’d think that by 30 I would have done something awesome!

Me: I know! I always thought that I was made for something great…and here I am, folding clothes and washing dishes all day. Every day! Bummer. That was a bit of a let down.

Myself: Double bummer.

I: Guys, it’s not like I expire when I hit 30! It’s not like I have a best before date stamped on my butt that says “Use by: 13 OCT 2013”

Checks to see

Me: I guess not. Ya, you know what, it’s okay! I still have a lot of time to make my mark in the world and to accomplish the things I want to do.

Myself: Not really. You’re old now.

I: Oh, shut up! Who says you have to have all the fun before a certain age? Grandma went to university and got a degree at 60. I think that I can do whatever I want to do regardless of how old I am.

Me: That’s true! My life isn’t ending. No one is handing out a report card on my birthday to see how I’ve stacked-up to everyone else. I have a lot to offer and so many things that I want to try and do, who cares what everyone else has done.

Myself: But I’m still not in shape.

Me: It’s only 10lbs! Not that big of a deal.

Myself: My pants think it’s a big deal.

Me: My yoga pants don’t!


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