Summer Surprise

I’m always relieved and anxious when the school year comes to an end. On one hand, no more schedules and alarms! On the other hand, I have to figure out how to keep three kids entertained and occupied so they don’t go stir-crazy and kill each other (or make their mother go postal)! Normally I have to pour over my calendar and compare James work shifts and his side jobs so that I know when I can have the truck. Then I have to research outings and events and budgets. On top of that we are throwing in a baby’s schedule this year. I was feeling pretty stressed two weeks ago because all of the camps that I wanted to put the kids into conflicted with when I wouldn’t be able to have access to our vehicle and taking the bus with two kids and a baby is quite difficult (and not all that cheap).

Lo and behold, my stellar husband surprised me with purchasing me my very. own. CAR!!! The next day I went and registered the kids for all of the camps I had been wanting to put them in. I was hoping to get a car next year, so this came as a total shock to me. Apparently he’d been quietly saving for this for a little while now. What a guy.

 It honestly feels like my whole world has opened up!

Now summer doesn’t look so daunting to me.



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