Today I am happy

I was sitting out on our steps this morning while Amelia was riding her scooter and waiting for a friend to get dropped off. The sun was shining, I had a cup of coffee in my hand, and the never-ending “Mom, look at this” or “Mom, watch what I can do” or “Mom, my friend Darci is 5 and she can whistle already and Max scraped BOTH of his knees and my and Kate’s favourite patrol is Denoso, but now he rides his bike to school so he’s not our bus patrol anymore but he’s still a crossing patrol so that’s okay and when is Jessica going to be here? We’re gonna ride scooters and watch a show and have a snack!” was going on in the background.

I can’t help but smile.

I thought about a few things that are going on right now and about a few things that are on the horizon. James and I are doing well. The kids are doing well. Not too much is changing all at once. I’ve been trying my best to work on some of the smaller “behind-the-scenes” things with myself.

I closed my eyes and said a prayer.

Today, I find that I am quite content and happy.


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  1. Mom

    Amazing what some sunshine will do for us!

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