My Rant

This is my rant for the month.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Boston bombings. It’s every where on the news and social media; the victims, the survivors, those responsible.  Gripping pictures are being shared and stories of heroic acts from everyday citizens are being told and “liked”. Which is fine. I have no issue with this.

I have an issue with the fact that a lot of people don’t like the police. I come across this view time and time again considering I am a police wife. I read about it, I hear about it, I see it and I’m told stories of “shitty cops” as though I should apologize for my husbands chosen profession.

When those bombs went off in Boston the entire law enforcement community sprang into action. Their city had been hurt and they were there to do their work, to do what they do best. Some of the very same officers that had probably handed out traffic tickets earlier in the day were scraping people up off of the street and hunting down the men responsible while trying to keep the city safe. They searched and searched and searched. I don’t know a single officer that would be able to rest  and go home knowing someone that hurt so many people was still lurking around. I kept thinking about their families. Instead of being behind locked doors with them in a safe place their loved ones were out putting themselves in harms way for hours on end.

People like to complain about the police as though all they ever do is sit on their arse and eat doughnuts. And sure, there are cops that shouldn’t be cops, but you’ll find people like that at any job. For the most part, civilians don’t want to think that they need the police, that they’re paid too much and given too much power.  But as soon as your rights are violated or you’re face-to-face with danger it’s the police you’re calling for and you’re thanking God that there are those that put their lives at risk to show-up and help. I’ve read that police officers are like sheepdogs and I think it’s a perfect analogy. A wolf came and harmed the herd so the sheepdogs came out to protect. Sheepdogs are capable of love and compassion but have an intrinsic need to seek out and protect which comes with the capacity for violence. This is what the world just witnessed but it’s something that happens every day.

I’m not from Boston. I’m not even American. But I’m seriously proud of what those officers were able to accomplish this past week. It’s easy for us to sit on our couch and read about the events unfolding in Boston, however shocking and despicable they may be. What grips my heart is that if a bomb went off in my city today it would be my husband running into the wreckage and he would be praised and lauded and then hated ever other day of the year.


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