Life of Mom


I wanted a picture of the two of us. Ammie was the photographer.

I had to tell her to wait a moment because I needed to put the milk makers away and snap-up my nursing bra. She took a few photos and ran away. Three seconds after this picture was taken he barfed all over me.

This is me, as a mom.

I’d just finished feeding all three kids; home-made Enchiladas and chocolate chip cookies. I’m holding a baby, wearing an apron and my accessory is a necklace made loving by Ammie that says ‘MOM’ on it. I’m sure one day I’ll look back and want to be transported back to this very time to snuggle baby Eli, read to little Ammie and admire Rhys’ Lego creations.

Today I just want to sit in silence and have a coffee without being needed by anyone for 10 minutes.

I promise I’m not barefoot in this picture…I have slippers on.


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  1. Oh Bria. I love you. Everything about you.

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