2 Weeks


Eli has already grown so much. He feels much heavier to me and is starting to look a little bit chubby (this is coming from a mom who’s only had skinny lanky babies, so I know that he’s not actually chubby to most of you). He’s still a gem of a baby though; eating well, sleeping superbly (slept from 11-5 last night!) and only squawking when he needs something like a mommy cuddle.

We’ve been trying to see what his eye colour is. I know that it can still change a lot but right now the colour is so dark that it’s been hard to get an idea. Only in the past few days has he had some good awake time after he eats so I’ve been trying to get him in some natural light to try to get a good look. James had a hunch that there was quite a bit of purple in them, and I think he was right. I’m excited to see what colour they become. Rhys has a grey-blue, Ammie has a bright-blue, I wonder if Eli will have a purple-blue?

He’s a very curious boy, just like his big brother was. When he is awake he’s looking all around and absorbing everything and everybody. It’s amazing how quickly they change and grow!

I’ve been very happy to just sit and transition during these past two weeks. I’ve been out of the house a few times and, while fresh air is  good, it’s always nice to just get back home and relax…especially when there is so much other stuff going on.



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2 responses to “2 Weeks

  1. New babies are so much fun!

  2. Nana

    These days go by very fast. Rest and enjoy each moment. Most of us grandmothers would give everything to be able to hold and cuddle our children again. I truly miss those days.

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