Babies and Chaos.

I don’t know what it is about James and I, but chaos seems to surround the birth of our children (and, really, every other time in our lives).

Rhys was born on a Friday morning, early morning. We were discharged from the hospital on the Saturday morning. Then, on the Sunday, our car broke-down. Totally died. When Rhys was a few months old James was laid-off (a few weeks before Christmas, nice hey?) so we moved out to Otterburne, Manitoba so James could work at Providence College.

Broken vehicle. No job. Big move. But it all worked out.

When we were expecting Amelia, James made the difficult decision (for a number of reasons) to resign from his position of Youth Pastor at our church in Niverville. The week after that our (different) car broke down. That was a huge bill. This was a hard time for us and we decided to move out of the community. For the life of us we couldn’t find an apartment to rent anywhere in Winnipeg. Landlords were saying to us that because we had kids we probably wouldn’t get the places we were looking at. I was so stressed out of my mind because our lease was up on the house we were renting in town. Amelia was born and a few weeks after that we moved into my mother’s basement in order to look for a house to purchase. James had found a cabinet job in the city.

Broken vehicle. No job. Big move. But it all worked out.

Last year we decided to downsize and become resident managers of an apartment block to save money for a few years. Great plan! We moved, I became pregnant (very unplanned) and we decided that it just wouldn’t work with three kids in that small basement apartment so we moved back home. Stressful! Two moves in six months. We just had Eli two weeks ago. James had taken time off to ease us into being a family of five but four side-jobs came-up. He had a few days with us and then started working on the kitchens. Then our hot water tank broke last week. Okay, new tank it is! Then our truck broke-down yesterday. So far it’s been towed to two different places trying to figure-out what the heck the problem is.

Broken vehicle. Big move. But at least James has these side-jobs! They are financing our chaotic lives at this point so I really can’t complain about James not having his holidays to spend time with us. James bought me a bottle of wine a few days ago. My first glass of wine in a looong time. I had it while eating dinner yesterday. I decided to raise my glass and give a toast saying, “Here’s to the never-ending gong show that is our life!” James raised his beer and said, “No, a better toast. Here’s to us sticking together through thick and thin,” he paused and his eyes welled-up with tears as he looked at me, “I love you Bri. I really do.”

So there it is. Chaos comes with the birth of our children but we’ve made it through and, by the grace of God, we’re made stronger because of it. And it always works out in the end.


(Oh, and Happy 600th Post to I’ve Come Undone!!)



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4 responses to “Babies and Chaos.

  1. Dana.

    oh my stars…i got all teary eyed at the toast part. you guys are inspiring.

  2. When I was used car shopping earlier this year, I deliberately avoided Volkswagens due to memories of the Wolfsburg fiasco.

    Sorry to hear about your most recent vehicle woes (and other stress). But you guys are getting to be pros at dealing with chaos 🙂 And Eli is very cute, btw.

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