The Grumpy Bear.

After a rather busy day taking Rhys to soccer and having a wedding shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law, I was hoping to be able to sleep-in a little bit this morning. After tucking the kids in last night I gently reminded them that they could sleep-in and if they wanted to wake-up they could watch some TV quietly.

Amelia’s eyes popped open bright and early. Her body hasn’t adjusted to the time change yet. She looked out the window staring at the blanket of snow for a while and she played with her toys for a little bit longer, but she couldn’t ignore the grumbling in her tummy.

I woke-up to her standing right beside me holding her blanket and Hello Kitty. She wanted in. Her feet were cold.

I slid over and we cuddled for all of two seconds before she started playing with my hands and the covers and chatting me up about the baby and the snow. “Have you seen the snow mom? There’s a lot! You should see the backyard. It’s all white. Do you want to see the snow? I’ll open your curtains. See? How big is the baby’s pinkie finger? How big is the baby’s little toe? How big are the baby’s feet? I think it’s a girl. We should name it Star-power. It might come out today.” And on and on and on. She is a girl after-all.

The most important question was finally asked, “What’s for breakfast?”

I relented and got up as she went downstairs. I turned and asked James, “Why doesn’t she ever go to your side of the bed?”

He growled back from under the heavy duvet, “Because this side is grumpier!”



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2 responses to “The Grumpy Bear.

  1. Nana

    Aren’t daughters wonderful!!

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