Face Furniture

James has been working on his stache since he had some time off in June. Yup, a whole 6 months have gone into growing, grooming, waxing and coddling his ‘mouth brow’. He’s not allowed to grow-out facial hair while on the job since that will look sloppy and unprofessional, but he’s allowed to come back from some time off with a well-kept beard or goatee or moustache.

I don’t mind facial hair on men at all. In fact, I quite like a nice short-to-medium length beard. I recently read an article that talks about how facial hair seems to have made a comeback in the past few years as it is the last frontier for men to express themselves in a way that women can’t in this post-feminist time.

James tends to have a bit of a ‘baby face’ so the added stubble goes a long way for him, especially in his line of work. However, when he started to become interested in having a full moustache I became slightly concerned. I’m not one to tell James what he can and cannot do, I simply…um…suggest a certain route and hope that he takes my opinion into account. When it was clear that he had his heart set on a full “handlebar” I relented and gave him my blessing (hoping that it wouldn’t stick around for too terribly long).

The other day Amelia and I were out and upon walking through the front door we were greeted by a very moustachioed man. Well, my husbands soup strainer has reached epic proportions. His facial hair is so far beyond absurd, it’s amazing people (myself included) are able to take him seriously, even just for a moment. I must say that I don’t really mind it, since he seems to enjoy the reactions it gets and caring for the thing. He curls the ends all the way up and goes about his day with a playful wink-of-the-eye.

Bria: You realize that for our first picture with the baby and as a family of five you’re going to look ridiculous.

James: What you fail to realize is that I’ve looked this ridiculous when all of our children have been born…

Touché James, touché.



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3 responses to “Face Furniture

  1. Zoë

    haha wow, apparently it really has been a long time since I’ve seen you guys. Even with the picture I’m having a hard time imagining James with a handlebar moustache!

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