I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited and apprehensive to turn the page in my day planner to the month of November. Don’t get me wrong, and as previously mentioned, I love October since it’s my favourite time of the year, but this year I’ve been particularly looking forward to November. It’s baby month!

Everyone around here is getting excited to meet this little bundle. Amelia told me she was hoping today would be the day the baby came. While I agree it would be nice to have Perogy a bit early, I have to say that if today IS the day, baby better wait until Rhys gets on that school bus, because he has to hand in a permission slip and money for a field trip today. And then baby better not show-up on Saturday morning because Rhys starts soccer, or Sunday because Ammie has dance, or Thursday because there is a baby shower, or the 10th because there’s a wedding shower, or the 11th because there’s a birthday party….

Just jokes. Baby will come when baby is done cooking, it’s as simple as that. At my midwife appointment yesterday we went over certain things I may want at the birth centre during my stay there. I have moments of freaking out when I have those types of conversations, or when I look around and see a pile of laundry not done or dirty dishes on the counter. I just can’t believe that baby can come at any time and I start to wonder if I’m ready. She said baby could be here…yesterday, so keep an open mind.

As much as you try to prepare for a baby, and even though this is my THIRD (still can’t wrap my mind around that one), it’s hard to actually be mentally/emotionally/physically ready for the addition of another child into your home. You have no idea how labour and delivery will go even though you have your ‘plan’. You don’t know how recovery will be. You don’t know what will happen with the baby (there are so many unknown risks or things that can happen last minute). You don’t know what sort of personality your baby will have. You don’t know how your other kids will react. The list goes on and on and it can be nerve-racking.

I’ve pretty much got everything that I need for the baby (maybe one or two more items, but they are things that don’t really make a difference in the first week or so), I’ve made all of the decisions that I need to with my midwife (opting in or out of certain ‘standard’ procedures and discussing, based on an uncomplicated birth, how everything will play-out), I’ve brushed-up on my infant care and I’ve tried to prep the kids on the arrival of their new sibling. I haven’t made very many freezer meals so I should probably get on that, but other than keeping the laundry and dishes done, I’m ready when baby is.

It’s still so weird to think that we’re having another one and that this is the month that we are going to meet it. I think that it won’t fully sink-in for us until James and I are all snuggled-up with our  littlest Erskine in our arms.



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2 responses to “November

  1. Nana

    I am ready, willing and able. Just waiting for the word. It will be wonderful to hold a newborn again. Coralise just turned two and it seems ages ago that she was a newborn. Time goes so fast for a nana.

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