Day 28, 29 & 30

Day 28: Lunch

Not the healthiest lunch, but it’s about all I have the energy for these days.

Day 29: Inside Your Fridge

Day 30: Nature

There’s some grass…that counts as nature, right?

I took Amelia to a play-group Halloween party this morning. She had her space cadet jumpsuit on, her clunky winter boots,  her NASA hat covered by her furry hood and her Hello Kitty in her Build-a-Bear backpack. She clomped all the way to the school and you could tell she thought she was the coolest kid ever. I hung back and watched her for a few moments and tried to soak it in.

She’s a goofy girl, a really goofy girl. It might not come across at first but once you spend time getting to know her you see that she’s a little…odd/funny/quirky. Which is good, I really love that about her. She reminds me of myself. But as I watched her I had an emotional mommy moment: I’m not looking forward to the day where she no-longer feels ‘cool’ in her space suit while carrying around her Hello Kitty. Amelia is growing-up so quickly and while I LOVE seeing her mature and become a beautiful girl inside and out I’m sad that I’m losing my little girl at the same time. It’s a good thing there’s another one on the way because it was one of those moments where I would have given anything to have another little Erskine.


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