9 Months and Drained

I keep getting asked the “So how are you feeling?” question and, to be honest, I was actually feeling fairly good for just starting the last month of my pregnancy. I think that my third trimester has been the best so far. The first was spent with my head in the toilet (or lying on the couch), the second was spent with an ice pack on my neck trying to get rid of horrible headaches, intense lower back pain, dealing with a complications scare and moving back into our house. But the third trimester brought a reprieve from a lot of the symptoms, we were also able to settle into our house and get into a good school routine. Other than your regular aches and pains and looking like a preggo-potamus while getting out of bed in the morning this last leg of the baby making journey was going well…was.

It seems every day there is a gazillion things that are needing to be done or events to be at or appointments to attend or parties to take the kids to. You should see my day planner, it’s insane! Practically every day from September thru to the middle of November has/had multiple things pencilled-in. Pile on top of that my need for nesting and wanting to have the house ready(ish) and tidy for when Erskine #3 decides to make an appearance, helping the kids with homework, keeping track of school activities, fundraisers, forms, baking, cooking and all of the normal day-to-day and you’ve got yourself one exhausted mom…even without being 9 months pregnant. Having Rhys at school all day and Ammie at school in the afternoons has been a life-saver for me, as I’m sure it will continue to be when the baby is here.

Sleep is becoming more difficult due to size, the need for a stupid amount of pillows to prop this, that and the other thing up, heartburn, insomnia and weird dreams (really weird dreams). I push myself to try to get everything done and then hit a wall and crash, daily. I feel like I’m going to be going into labour, delivery and recovery already completely exhausted only to have to run a ‘taking care of an infant’ marathon right after. I spent most of my birthday in my pj’s, which was bliss. I need to take a step-back and have a breather (one that lasts more than an afternoon) but looking over my schedule it doesn’t seem all that attainable. I’m really looking forward to when baby is here and I have a great reason to spend the whole month of December sitting on the couch wearing a comfy sweater and yoga pants and cuddling a tiny baby.



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2 responses to “9 Months and Drained

  1. Dana.

    Bria: Let me know if I can help with any of your list. For real. The last month always kicked my butt to in the way of exhaustion…I’m feeling good these days, so if there is anything I can do, please ask! I’d be happy to help!

  2. Hey Chickey! I so feel ya. Its amazing how our bodies start letting us know when it is time to slow down. I hope you can find some rest and carve it into each day. Can’t wait to hear all about the new little one when it arrives. 🙂

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