The Ups and Downs of a Mom’s Life

Yesterday was a great day. My hips were sore, but that’s nothing unusual for being 8 months pregnant.

I woke-up early with James, made him a cup of coffee and a lunch and sent him on his way for a training day. The kids woke-up shortly afterwards and I got them fed, made their lunches and made sure they were ready for school.

Ammie and I walked Rhys to the bus stop. It was a crisp sunny morning, my favourite. After leaving Rhys we walked to the community school for Ammie’s playgroup and stayed there for the morning. A friend brought me a bag of baby clothes (and now I’m stocked and ready for baby!).

We walked back to the house for lunch, holding hands and chatting along the way. It’s always nice to have a little child’s hand inside of yours.

I saw Ammie off to Kindergarten and came home to do some laundry and cleaning. I had a little nap even! When I woke-up I started chopping veggies for dinner and then got the kids from the bus. They played soccer outside while I made a Shepherds Pie and biscuits, Mumford & Sons loudly playing in the kitchen. James came home early, which is always nice and quite unusual, and had re-qualified for his firearms. The kids played a video game and then did their chores (clear and set the table). Ammie ‘Irish danced’ from the table to the kitchen a dozen times, her little feet can’t stop moving these days and it’s so fun to watch.

We had a nice family dinner, which was very tasty, and then James and I cuddled on the couch. Rhys cleared the table and then they ran outside to play some more soccer. I eventually mustered-up enough motivation (because at this point in the day my hips and feet are usually throbbing) to get the kitchen all clean-up and the dishwasher running. James took care of bedtime and read Ammie the book, Whistle Up the Chimney (great book). Rhys stayed-up reading in his room for a bit because he seems to be burning through books these days. I kissed the kids goodnight, threw the last of the laundry in the dryer, grabbed the finished laundry and crawled onto our comfy bed with James to watch some Justified (awesome show) and fold baby clothes.

It was a great day. Everything came together and our family unit felt like it was operating as it should be.

This morning James alarm went off at 4:30am. He got his stuff together and was out the door to catch the bus. I got a call at 6:00 telling me he forgot something that he needed for work. I bolted out of bed in a frustrated panic, got the tired and confused kids up and dressed (with, to my surprise, minimal protesting…although Ammie was complaining that her eyes “couldn’t see yet”) and was about to walk out the door when I got another call saying that the item wasn’t needed after-all. Early morning panicked start for nothing. Rhys stumbled back down to his bed and Ammie went and cried on hers. Her pants were on backwards and she was hungry.

A horrible way to start the day, a day that is already full of appointments, errands, driving around the city and a kids birthday party.

That’s the life of a mother though, isn’t it? The highs are so high and the lows are low. It’s like we’re on a roller coaster that never ends. One day goes swimmingly and the next can turn-out to be in shambles; kids put-up a fight, you’re pressed for time, the house is a mess, you miss the bus, food spills all over the floor, dinner burns, bedtime sucks…I could go on and on.

Right now I’m half asleep, blogging on the couch while Rhys reads Ammie all of the instructions to her work book. He’s helping her with all of the hard parts in the book…they even made themselves breakfast. See? Highs and lows. That’s just life I suppose.



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  1. jule

    omg. insert a few ridiculous teaching stories in there and that’s EXACTLY how i feel. one day, it’s rainbows and sunshine. the next….well, it’s the opposite of rainbows and sunshine…

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